Gloria Govan Recaps Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 5


Gloria Govan is one of the most recognizable faces on Basketball Wives L.A. thanks to her dramatic stint on the first season of the original Basketball Wives. Gloria has agreed to recap this season of Basketball Wives L.A. for the VH1 Blog and we couldn’t be happier to have her input on everything that goes down in front of and behind the camera. This week, Gloria gets upset about Draya the wedding no-show, and her MMA beatdown.

Draya not showing up to Jackie’s wedding was obviously very upsetting to me and the rest of the girls. If someone is trying to make a good impression on people, then it might be best to show up to important events you’re invited too!!! When Jackie confronts Draya, I agree with her. We are all grown women, and if you feel uncomfortable with any one of us or feel like there has been some miscommunication, then it should be resolved with those two people. Going AWOL to get your private parts waxed was not only a slap in the face but also a little childish.

Watching Imani break down at the reception of Doug and Jackie’s wedding was shocking. Imani is usually so reserved and strong.

To see her cry, that took me by surprise. For someone so young to feel like they have given up on love is really depressing. On the other hand, to see her take action towards reinventing herself and getting back into the “the game” makes me proud of her. To start going to the gym and working on yourself takes a lot of courage. Get it Iman! LOL.

Speaking of the gym…Going to work out with my sister and Imani was hilarious. Listening to those two talk about sex and how long it’s been since they last had sex was, ummmmm let’s just say a little TMI… Our trainer was cute however, that always helps motivate you when you have some to look at whose easy on the eyes. :-D

Physical activity is a common theme with these girls…After all, we live in L.A. and we’ve got to keep up with the Joneses. So going to MMA we thought was going to be a nice way of letting out some aggression in a controlled environment. Well, that didn’t go as planned. Once we find out that Draya has been talking to someone outside of the crew of girls, it’s needless to say that a lesson needs to be taught. Except this time, the only thing she’ll be picking up off the floor is her teeth.

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