Shaunie O’Neal Says There Is No Drama Between Her And Kimsha Artest


There was a feud brewing for the past couple of weeks — or so it seemed — between Basketball Wives L.A. star Kimsha Artest and Basketball Wives creator and star Shaunie O’Neal. Over on Facebook, Kimsha had been taking swipes at Shaunie on Facebook (from an account that has since been deleted) because of the fact that she hadn’t appeared on the show since episode two. Gossip rag MediaTakeOut even took the story to another level this week by claiming that Kimsha “put hands” on Shaunie and things got physical between the two of them.

But now both Shaunie and Ron Artest (sorry, Metta World Peace) have set the record straight that there is no feud at all and there definitely was no altercation. O’Neal told Madame Noire

“We’ve never met, so there is no relationship. I’ve met Ron [Artest] before a couple times, but never Kimsha, ever. I can’t say anything about her because I don’t know her. I don’t know how you fight someone that you’ve never met nor talked to. We’ve never been in the same place at the same time that I know of. And I would never ever fight somebody, I guess you’d have to meet them first to do that, and that’s never happened. So, I really don’t know where all that came from.”

And Ron tweeted this week that any of the accusations that Kimsha was making on Facebook were untrue because she doesn’t actually have a Facebook account. He wrote “Kimsha Artest on Facebook is a fakeKimsha Artest does not like drama so that’s why yal have not seen her on the show. She doesn’t want to be seen representing females falsely.” So there you have it. No word from the real Kimsha, but we’re assuming if what Ron says is true, she’s staying out of the drama.
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