Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 6 – Skeletons In The Closet


Now that everyone else has weighed in on (and pounded on) Draya, it’s time for the rest of the world to put in their two cents. This week on Basketball Wives L.A., once again Draya was under fire for that sneaky police report that accused her of child endangerment. She held her own and managed to convince Malaysia she was telling the truth, but no one else believed her. What do you think?

When we left off last week, the girls were getting some exercise at a mixed martial arts class and Laura was just about to give Draya a little a**-whooping. “I knew my face was protected, I was a little worried about my boobs,” Draya said, explaining to Laura “I’m serious, they’ll break.” First world problems, am I right, ladies?!

The reason Laura was upset with Draya and wanted to give her a licking was because she says “I found out that Draya has been talking smack about me and my children,” which seems like reason enough, but she doesn’t really delve much further. But don’t provoke a mama grizzly, you know?

“What happened with you and Draya?” Jackie asked Laura after Laura pummeled the crap out of Draya.

It’s obvious what happened, Laura decided to get all her aggression out at once, and remember, this is someone who just started therapy for her anger issues, so Draya was surely feeling some phantom punches for a few days. But Laura explains “If I wanted to beat Draya up, she’d feel my raft. That wasn’t no raft.” Wrath? Raft? Whatever. “I’m just confused and everybody’s being all cool, so it’s just a weird feeling I have,” Draya says of the elephant in the room.

Gloria‘s impressed with how Draya handled herself, saying “She took that ass whoopin’ like a champion,” but Jackie is still undecided about Draya on the whole and thinks there are still some red flags that make her think Draya might not be trusted. Of course, if we learned anything from Tough Love Miami this week, it’s that anyone’s sordid past can be Googled, so she decides to take to the Internet to find out just what Ms. Draya’s past holds with Laura one afternoon.
First they find the sexy pics

and then they find the police report.

“That’s some deadbeat s— right here,” Laura says after the Google search leads to a police report that shows Draya having been arrested for child endangerment. The women discover that Draya’s son was left home alone for days, according to the report, and that he called 911 to report it himself. They are shocked, for good reason.

They print out the police report to show it to the other women, with the intention of confronting Draya.

“I just feel like what she did was worthless,” Laura says, using that word again. “At first I wanted to save a ho,” she says “and now I’m like, bitch, kick rocks. Ho.”

“Somebody needs to slap the taste out of her mouth,” says Jackie. So basically, Draya’s got a lot of fans, huh?

When they bring the police report to brunch, Gloria is the only one who’s surprised by the findings, since Imani has already had a conversation about this with Draya. And Imani clarifies for the ladies that this is why she called Draya worthless back at the passion party “Everybody was like oh, is it because she’s a ho? And I’m like hos are a dime a dozen, I know plenty of hos, that has nothing to do with it.”

When Laura confronts Draya with the allegations, it starts off calm but escalates until Draya is crying, explaining “My son has never spoken to any policeman. He would never be alone. When he’s not with me, he’s with my mom.”

She goes on to explain that the entire situation was false and fabricated and the reporter who wrote about it was fired.

Malaysia, who has been absent from the episode up until now and was just as shocked as Draya that this issue was brought up, sided with Draya and offered her comfort, choosing to believe her side of the story. The others don’t seem like they’re going to let it slide so easily.

“I feel like at this point she’s lying about everything. At this point she’s a disaster and a menace,” Laura says, and that’s the general sentiment felt by Imani, Gloria, and Jackie too.

So what else happened in episode? A lot! They really crammed a lot of b-lines in here. There was Gloria and Matt focusing on their Athletes Vs. Cancer golf tournament and their double date with Jackie and Doug.

Then there was Laura, Imani, and Jackie’s shopping trip. While they were browsing for shoes, they actually engaged in a deeper search for a man for Imani. Laura is making it her mission to find Imani someone special, and as the criteria are tossed out there (tall, diverse interests, marriage-minded), Laura asks the all-important question “What if his dinger’s little?”

Spoken like a woman with four small children.

Imani concurs that a small dinger will not do it for her. “That’s my deal breaker.”

And finally, there was Jackie’s mediated session with her daughter and a sex counselor. Jackie’s daughter Chantel, who is eighteen, doesn’t really want to be having any sexual discussions with her mom (I feel you girl, and it doesn’t change when you’re in your 30s!). But Jackie exacerbates the situation by telling the counselor “I don’t want a guy touching my daughter.”
Chantel’s look sums it up.

“We don’t need a sex counselor, we need a family counselor, you are clowning right now,” Chantel says.

But when Chani admits that she’s kissed a guy and Jackie had no idea, she gets emotional and upset that she and her daughter don’t have a dialogue about this.

This episode was all about mothers, and while Draya’s motherhood is questioned, Jackie takes it in the opposite direction, embarrassing her daughter by being a little bit overbearing. As different as they are, motherhood is what unites these ladies and makes them as fierce as they are. Like I said, don’t poke a mama grizzly.

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  1. peaches says:

    Wow these women are obviously jealous of this young girl who has made some mistakes. It is not their business. They are old and frumpy and have nothing better to do. What about Laura cheating with Shaunie’s husband, so that is OK with this group of women? Not girls as they call themselves. Who made them judge and jury? I have stopped watching this show, they are so ridiculous and phony, especially Jackie who portrays herself as so real. She is the biggest phony of all. Laura needs to deal with her anger management issues. Imani needs to find herself a man and leave poor Draya alone. Give me a break! Bunch of overweight cows!

  2. Glo says:

    Laurie you are crazy, you are a very unhappy person , you are angry with your life as a whole so you take it out on other people, grow up

  3. red says:

    Team draya

  4. Mizzprissyred says:

    Im done watchin this, think ill wait for miami to come back out, cause these woman are somethin else. What i dont get is why the so turned off by Draya cause she was a stripper but they love laura who is known to sleep wit husbands. Thats who they need to be keepin their husbands from. And Honestly if bringin Draya around your man could possiably result in u losing your man, then you need to change men. cause he aint faithful to u no way!!!

  5. Dena says:

    I am truly done with watching Basketball Wives of LA. The whole show is about Draya. Basketball Wives of LA reality show should be called Draya and the stone throwers. Jackie, you have been married 3 times. Let’s see, what really happen? Laura, you had sex with another womans husband as a result of it, you got put out of a nice home – you, the kids and the dog. Gloria, are you getting married or just shackin up? Imani you can’t get a man if you paid him. Jackie the show is trying to make rating by using Draya’s personal business to keep viewers watching. The show is weak and so are the stone throwers – Jackie, Laura, Gloria & Imani. I have no respect for you and each of you can do all kinds of public interviews (radio stations) to try to clean up what you did to Draya but each of you reached an all time low… Grow up!!!

  6. Brittney says:

    Like everyone else I am soooooo disgusted by this episode. Draya honey please keep your head up high and turn the other cheek on these women. I have never seen such judgmental people in my life. I found it to be a total turn off….Jackie, Laura, Imani,Gloria please get a life and stop worrying about this girls past because you all look really bad right now. You all are not GOD and only he should be the judge. May God help you all because you all really need him. For the record I will never watch another episode with you all on it. Disgusting is all I can say.

  7. Sandy Joseph says:

    These women are boring with the exception of Draya and Malayisa. I may contiue to watch the show only if I could see more of just the two ladies and keep the lame old women out. I know that gloria is as old as the other 3 but she does look and act it and they all dress so tacky.

  8. TIna says:

    Gloria lives in an abusive home around her young boys. Last time I looked fighting your man (not husband) isn’t healthy for your kids. But you ain’t going anywhere because you like that lifestyle. He’s smart by not marrying you, because you can’t take half when you divorce. Not to mention the cheating scandal you had in college that you were arrested for. Imani abandoned her first born, lied about her age, and covered it up, so that’s why she isn’t a basketball wife. Laura embarrassed her ex by cheating, dogs him around her children in public. Yeah that”s great parenting. She doesn’t work, but she complains about an apartment she don’t pay for (unless you’re counting this show, which doesn’t require real work). Jackie’s oldest daughter claims she didn’t take care of her either, and that she abandoned her when she got with Christie. Looks like the one with the least amount of skeletons who’s Mylasia is the only one not judging Draya. You ladies should be ashamed of yourselves. None of you are stellar parents, but you DIG for dirt on this girl who’s trying to get her life together, because of envy. When they decide to put all of their children first instead of money, then maybe they can talk. They’re all jealous because this girl is beautiful and still has opportunity to have something they couldn’t acquire when they were her age. She makes a living modeling while the rest of them ride someone else’s money because they don’t have the drive to have a career! Draya, keep your head up. It seems like you’re changing your life and I’m routing and praying for you. Reminds me of when Jesus shut the crowd down about to stone an adulterer. When he said, “He without sin cast the first stone.” And they all looked foolish and put the stones down. Put the stones down ladies. Ya got too many skeletons to act self righteous.

  9. Alona says:

    I completely agree with peaches, these women are ridiculous. It’s a fact, that any show survives by attracting more viewers and the way they do it is by creating drama . Draya has obviously been chosen as a scape goat. These women have nothing better to do but pick on the poor girl. Everybody makes mistakes and none of them are perfect either. Laura and Imani need to take the stick out of their ass, for christ sake go get a man and start living your life instead of getting into everybody’s business.
    This was definitely the last time I watched this show, a complete waste of time!!!

  10. Nicolee Cole says:

    @ Tina, you are so right! That was all over the news, why didn’t that get brought up. She sat there and cried, and judged that poor girl, when her own children were put in an abusive situation as well. And Gloria is so phony, she’s all bark and no bite. I mean, her own sister almost knocked her out. And her saying she would be good if Matt left, please……that’s a bunch of crap. Her own sister noticed the lies, and un-convincing she was….I so dislike her now!

  11. Sabrina says:

    For real Can anybody tell me Why didn’t Jackie tell “the girls” that she was married 18 times b4 oh right she don’t know them well enough to tell them her business but Draya needs to tell them her whole life .. It’s so funny to me that Jackie and Laura are BFF’s when Jackie is so crazy bout her man and Laura is a str8 jumpoff !!! How did Shaunie let her on the show in the 1st place ???? Draya and Malaysia are the only good ones on the show now I see why Kimsha and Jason Williams wife left the show cause !!!

  12. Minnie says:

    WOW!!!The way these “mature” women treated Draya was disgusting. These women could be put into the Webster dictionary under the words: Jealous, insecure, and ghetto. The “mature” ladies are acting like 2nd graders on a school ground and the new girl come in class so they will just push her down and try to hurt her as much as possible. These ladies obviously have a lot of history as it is so lightly mentioned on air but. They know that their lives are so booooooring no one would care to tune in to even get the latest version of what could possibly be huge “skeletons”. I pray for Draya thank God we were all young once made mistakes and hopefully became wiser and learned not to judge others but maybe help others by our mistake. I pray Draya don’t let these women see her cry again, I wont watch again but I hope Draya remain strong and stay on the path that she is on.

  13. MizzPrissyred says:

    We are goin threw alot with our kids here in America over bullying, and These grown A$$ woman are a prime example of what that word means. No More basketball wives of L.A.!!!! why even give them that much attention????

  14. Denise says:

    I think I am going to stop watching BBWLA..Its childish and ridiculous..I cant believe BLACK WOMEN who supposedly have it all, or at least someone thought they were close to it by putting them on a tv show, can truly act like they walk on water. It is not our job as humans to judge, because by them same measures you will be judge. My advice to Jackie, Imani, GLoria, and Laura–be careful how you treat Draya and others for that matter, you could be facing the same type of problems in your very own children in the future. Believe me–I have seen this happen first hand. To Malaysia: I truly do not think Draya was throwing you under the bus, Jackie just made it seem that way. Draya: Irregardless of what did or did not happen you should never answer to anyone except God and your child. You dont ask those women to help take care of you and yours, and what you eat dont make them…well you know the rest! SMH–I am officially waiting on MIAMI!!

  15. carol says:

    Basketball Wives LA – how many are really “wives of basketball players”? The ear rings that Gloria is sporting is out there almost like she is trying to be like someone else from Florida… Hmmm The way they treat people is so mean…and they think they have real class by treating Draya like dirt.