Gloria Govan Recaps Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 6


Gloria Govan is one of the most recognizable faces on Basketball Wives L.A. thanks to her dramatic stint on the first season of the original Basketball Wives. Gloria has agreed to recap this season of Basketball Wives L.A. for the VH1 Blog and we couldn’t be happier to have her input on everything that goes down in front of and behind the camera. This week, Gloria gets honest about her relationship with Matt and the responsibility she feels about bringing Draya into the circle.

Cancer is such a common theme with the girls. And you never know who has been affected by it and how much it hurts until it really hits home. Athletes vs. Cancer is Matt’s foundation which he founded and dedicated to his mom three years ago since she passed away of cancer just 26 days after being diagnosed. The golf tournament that we are planning has to basically be perfect. It’s our first one in L.A. as we normally have it in Matt’s home town of Sacramento. This year is our year to have AVC leave a mark in L.A. and CMPR will hopefully make sure that this event goes off with out a hitch.

On the other hand, Jackie has been going through a few changes with her family. Or should I say some hormones. Jackie’s concern about her daughter’s sexual education and interest has really got Jackie’s panties in a bunch. Which I can totally understand; thank goodness I have boys. I don’t want to even imagine having that talk with Isaiah and Carter when the time comes.

Matt and I have such a roller coaster of a relationship. It is important to us to surround ourselves with couples that are happy, healthy, and successful. So double dating with the Christies is not only fun but inspirational because they have survived so much of the same things Matt and I are going through. BUT Matt admitting that he recently had a epiphany and now he is ready to become the man I’ve wanted him to be and get married seriously threw me for a loop. I’ve never regretted canceling our wedding last year, but I never thought that we weren’t on the same page about our relationship. Boy was I wrong!!! Four years and two kids later, and now Matt feels like he is ready for the next step and that’s really got me thinking about our future. I’ve been with Matt since I was 20, and I’m starting to feel like I need to step back and reclaim some of my youth while I can. Matt will always be in my heart, but now’s its my time!!!

While Matt and I are trying to work through our own issues, Laura and Jackie are making their own discovery. The girls take it upon themselves to do a little investigating about Draya, because they feel like she hasn’t been completely honest about her background and past. I don’t think anyone was ready for what they found.

I have kids, twins as a matter of fact. I would never think to put them in danger for my own personal pleasure. Leaving an eight-year-old by himself in an apartment for three days is beyond unacceptable and as Imani would say, “worthless.” Draya constantly feels like she is under attack, and she wonders why!?! Everyone has a past and history but this takes the cake. While the girls are listening to Draya’s story about this “alleged” police report, no seems to be believing her. All of us have been talked about on blogs and Internet, but why anyone would go to the extent to make up such a extreme, cruel, and disgusting story about her and her son for simply dating Chris Brown? It sounds ludicrous and very far fetched.

I feel responsible for having brought so much drama to the girls. Normally, I am very cautious about who I bring around my friends. Draya has been nothing but trouble with a serious shaky past. And I feel like its all my fault. I want all ties cut with Draya, because ultimately I will be guilty by association.
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  1. Lucinda says:

    I don’t know for me, as a mother of two girls, If it was definitely true then yea thats crazy and shes would def be considered ‘unfit’ as a parent and should get lil man taken away. You would have to be such a cold hearted person or 1 on drugs 2 do that but everyone knows that the internet now you can do all sorts of things. And Gloria is not that old for her not to know people literally DO go out there way to tarnish your name or to get something from you. Shoot! I had a collection agency write me a fake court order lol and when I called the county they said it was false and they don’t even use the format they wrote it in so….Idk for me internet dont mean nothing unless you got the actual print out from that state or county of that report.

  2. Kelli says:

    I had to laugh at your comment in regards to the alleged police report from the internet. I remember you stating that the information on the internet in regards to the domestic violence allegations between you and Matt was also fabricated. I am sure you have heard that people who live in glass houses should not throw stones. Every one of the women who thought it seemed like a good idea to ambush Draya live in a glass community with glass streets. Jackie has mentioned several times how the “media” has protrayed her as something other than what she is. Unfortunately her behavior on the show confirmed exactly what she denies. I have not witnessed one redeeming quality from any of you beside Melaysia and Draya. Isn’t it funny that Malaysia had everyone up in arms on the first episode and they hated her and she wasn’t invited into the circle….blah blah blah. The two most attactive girls on the show draw the most criticism…interesting. I really wish you all would stop using the term “jump off. Unless any of you met your baby daddies or your husbands in church or the were all being jumped off somewhere.

  3. RealTalk says:

    All these women should know about fabricated stories and accusations. The way they just jump down Draya’s throat without knowing if it’s 100% true is just sad, and they’re all probably just jealous that the girl is young, sexy and doing her thing. Imani got too many kids and no man, so is rightfully the most bitter of the group. Malaysia got kids and a man so is rightfully out of most of this nonsensical drama. Jackie jumps back and forth. Laura is just a mess and in the same boat as Imani, lookin very BITTER.