Send In Your Questions For The Cast Of Basketball Wives L.A.


The first ever Basketball Wives L.A. reunion is approaching quickly and we’d love your input. We know our fans have opinions and questions about this season, and now is the time to be heard. We’ll be accepting viewer questions in email form, so send us every last thing you’ve been dying to know about the ladies and we might end up using your questions on-air. Remember to use your best judgment when submitting, any disrespectful or inappropriate questions will be ignored.

Please send all questions to, and make sure you leave your name and location (city and state) in your email.

Disclaimer: By sending a question to this address, or commenting here or anywhere throughout this site, you hereby unconditionally agree that VH1, its related entities, affiliates and assigns (“VH1″) in its sole discretion and without any compensation or further obligation to you, may use your name, user name and/or any biographical information, in whole or in part, as well as the content of your posting, in whole or in part, worldwide, in perpetuity in any and all media, now known or hereafter devised, and alone or together with other information and/or content of any kind.

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  1. Pandora says:

    Obvious to the casual observer, the issues with Draya, and the desperate clawing and digging for negative information about her are a smoke screen to justify the other women’s glaring insecurities that a younger, physically fit, alluring and sexy woman has appeared on the scene. It makes these woman look sad, weak and pathetically hag-ish. Let’s be honest here, their protests of , “what will others think of us hanging around her…” translates to, “people are going to see how fat and homely we have become compared to her…” and they are just afraid that their husbands might stray to someone who is taking better care of themselves than they have. I believe that is called “trading in the old clunker for a newer model .” With the bitter attitudes and the extra 50 pounds, who could blame their hubbies for at least checking out Draya. Next episode we will watch the “ladies” engulf some cheesburgers while they moan and groan. And to think, we knew those hags when they had just the one chin…..tff

  2. Cher says:

    Hi Pandora:

    Who would want Jackie’s old man? I don’t think Draya would look twice at him. And, no one would want Gloria’s man. Imani is bitter, I think Draya looks like the woman who took her man. And, Laura actually looks like a man.

  3. quaneisha green says:

    Are Any Of The Bball Wives GON Be KOO With Drea.!!!????

  4. Lo says:

    OMG can old ass trouble makin jackie JUST QUIT IT ALREADY! i swear, talk about no life and no friends my god! She is so envious of beautiful young draya she cant contain it lolol old old old she need to hang at the bingo hall lol n nobody want her man anyway, they messed up wen they put him on camra, dizzzzamn!

  5. AshLey says:

    How do injuries affect the NBA player?