A Sneak Peek At Basketball Wives L.A. Episode 7 – Your Filthy Mouth


It feels like each episode of Basketball Wives L.A. ends on a cliffhanger, doesn’t it? The last episode ended with the women ganging up on Draya over her past, and in the clip above, the women pick up after the fact and discuss what went down. While the ladies hash out how they feel about Draya, Jackie seems to want to forgive, but Gloria will never forget. “I don’t care,” Gloria says “that girl can get hit by a bus and then keep it movin’.” Watch the clip and be sure to tune in on Monday night at 8 p.m. ET/PT for the full episode.

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  1. Jayca says:

    That dude Imani picked sound and act like he want a man, not a woman. Wrong choice AGAIN.

  2. BLACK ICE says:

    Now I’m starting to think (from watching this sneak peek) that Malaysia is playing both sides. I could be wrong though. Guess I’ll wait and see the whole episode to be sure.

  3. KayCee says:

    I’ve never seen more hateful and unloving gorup of Woman and Girls. They’re angry because their husbands treat them like the overpriced handbags that they carry. I believe they let Draya in so they could have someone to beat on since they are powerless in their own lives. That young lady needs a mentor not a self righteous bashing by a bunch classless groupies like Gloria and Laura. This is embarassing..for all involved…Ewwwwww!

  4. erika says:

    Ladies Ladies Ladies, grow up, this is real life not some high school game!! You guys should be ashamed at how judgemental you guys are being!! We all have skeletons in the closet and for you to constantly bash Draya is just ridiculous!! Grow up and get a life! If you don’t like her, fine, stop bringing her around just to bash her so you can feel better about yourself!!