Tough Love Miami‘s Steve Ward Answers Fan Questions: Can Men And Women Be Friends?


A few weeks ago, we put out a call to fans of Tough Love Miami, asking you to submit whatever dating questions they have for the show’s resident expert and Master Matchmaker, Steve Ward. We’ll be posting Steve’s responses to all those questions here on the VH1 Blog throughout the season, so check back each week to see if your question was one of the chosen ones.

Today, Steve tackles the age-old question (and by age-old, we mean the one brought up in When Harry Met Sally) about whether or not men and women can really be friends. The basic answer? “Let’s not be too melodramatic here, yes, men and women can be friends,” Steve explains. For the full answer, check out the clip above, and to keep up to date with Steve, make sure you follow him on Twitter (@stevenbward), like him Facebook, and friend him on Google Plus.

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  1. Mills says:

    Oh My God… just saw the morning showing of Tough Love Miami. ( …only because it came after Pop Up Videos).

    The women in this show bring the accomplishments of the women’s movement back to the silly Flappers of the 1920′s (Google it…) …..not even back to the June Cleaver age of the 50′s.
    These are the most pathetically insecure, misdirected Barbie Doll mentality having, women I have ever seen. Where were their mothers in elementary-high school when they were supposed to learn self esteem, intelligence, natural beauty and goals for the future? Apparently…. out getting knocked up by an equally incompetent father.

    This is the most scary statement of our society I have seen. It’s bad enough that girls are brainwashed with the ‘Armenian Barbie Doll’ Kardashians of this decade and the’ no panties on camera’ floosies of the 90′s. Wake up women!!! Pick up a book, go to a museum get an interest other than your extensions, botox and make up kits. Meet “yourself” and find out who you really are, what your goals in life are.

    Good luck to the little girls of the world seeing a decent role model on today’s television.

  2. Rachel says:

    I absolutely love Steve! He gives such great insight. These girls are clueless! Love the show. I actually have picked up a few good tips from it. Oh, and it doesn’t hurt that there are lots of good looking men to look at. The tall, hispanic guy in the gray shirt, that was with Avante was exactly my type of guy! I live in Miami, and I rarely see guys like him! Would looove to meet him ;)

  3. Anne Hilton says:

    I am enjoying the show so far and am learning a lot just from the basic information that is being given. Am looking forward to learning more.