Basketball Wives L.A. – Episode 7 – Why Can’t We Just Be Real?


This week on Basketball Wives L.A. the women seemed to pair off two by two to settle their differences. It’s like the Noah’s Ark of cocktail-loving animals who pair off, only instead of a flood, they need to save themselves from their feelings about Draya. Also, everyone seems to have a touch of the dual personalities lately, no?

Let’s begin with Jackie, Laura, and Gloria, who met up to discuss Draya (if I had a nickel for every time someone on this show met up to discuss Draya…). Jackie wants to make it clear that she doesn’t “endorse” Draya, but she wants to help her. (By the time this episode ends, it feels like Jackie is endorsing the hell out of Draya though, right?)

“Jackie seems to be way more forgiving of Draya’s situation than any of us. I don’t care, that girl can get hit by a bus and then keep it movin’,” Gloria says. So at this stage of the game, Gloria, who was once pro-Draya, is now anti-Draya. Laura, who has been consistently anti-Draya is still anti- but wants to help her, and Jackie is impossible to read, like Draya has been saying. One minute she’s hot, the next she’s cold. It really is hard to understand if Jackie truly likes Draya or not. I realize this was not a two-person conversation, by the way, but the rest of these are. Mostly.

Next, we have a meeting of the minds between Imani and Malaysia. In a somewhat shocking turn, we find out that Malaysia is actually not as close to Draya as we thought. When Imani brings up the fact that it looked like Malaysia had Draya’s back during the confrontation at Beso, Malaysis explained “If I’m crying, I would want someone console me…[but] I don’t know her, I don’t want to get to know her…She came out the gate talking s— about me.” “She’s thinking you guys are like, BFFs or something,” Imani tells Malaysia, and Malaysia coldly responds “Where’d she get that from?”

This complicates things so much more and it’s safe to say that I am so confused by these women.

Next, Imani and Jackie hang out to discuss Imani’s suitors. Gloria, Laura, and Jackie each brought a guy out for Imani to meet and go on a potential date, and Imani really likes the candidate Jackie brought, a white guy in Teddy Pendergrass pants named Kyle. Before we get into Imani’s love life though, I have to be a jerk and point out that somewhere between sitting down

and Jackie telling Imani that Kyle likes her, there was some spillage. I’m going to need that moment to be captured in some bonus footage, please.

A little club soda will get that out.

Now here’s where things also start getting a little two-faced. Imani has never been on Draya’s side, but Jackie, who just moments ago claimed to want to help Draya, turns on her already, describing the night of their fight saying “I really wanted to spank her, it’s like you don’t even know us. Yeah, I’m over Draya.” Imani adds fuel to that by saying “It’s like, how dare you put my husband’s name in your filthy mouth? I don’t know where your mouth has been, don’t ever put him in there.” So now for this moment in time, we’re off the Draya train. In the same conversation they slam Malaysia for stirring things up and Jackie tells Imani “I’m really not feeling her right now.” NOW I AM EVEN MORE CONFUSED.

Laura and Draya also meet up and just when you think something could go down between them (they’re dressed for the gym, so anything is possible!), NOTHING DOES.

You’d really expect more from these two, since Laura claims that Draya was talking smack about her, AND the fact that Laura implied last week that Draya was a deadbeat mama. But the one thing that can smooth everything over is an invitation to a charity function. Which Laura also invites Malaysia to during yet another two-person lunch date.

It is at said charity night out where I become the MOST CONFUSED OF ALL…

Ah, the charity night. Where everything you thought you knew about these women and their relationships gets shot to hell.

Laura threw a function to benefit the children’s charity she’s on the board of, and Jackie and Draya showed up and things didn’t go as planned at all. Because they got along splendidly!
“It’s always a surprise with Jackie, you never know what’s going on in Jackie’s head, she’s so hot-cold,” Draya says.

They hug awkwardly and Jackie calls out their awkward hug history which makes it more awkward. But pretty soon, they’re dishing out the “I love your hair!” “You look sexy!” “I appreciate you!” compliments and they talk about the night of their confrontation at Beso. Jackie brings up the fact that Draya called her “crazy” and Draya says she only said crazy because that’s the word Jackie herself used to describe how she feels about Doug. “Oh, so you weren’t trying to hurt me? Oh, I love you,” Jackie says in one breath.

It’s a moment that’s nice to see because they’re finally getting along, but insane to watch play out because it makes you realize Draya has been the centered, pulled-together one who was not misquoting or double-talking anyone this whole time. Before long, Jackie starts confiding in Draya that someone who’s going to be attending the charity night has been talking about her behind her back and being fake. “It’s gonna come out in due time [who it is],” Jackie tells Draya. Raise your hand if you thought it was Malaysia, because for a split second, I sure did. I was not expecting it to be Laura. What the eff is that about??

Other important moments of note:

I’ve already pointed out Gloria’s sexy photo shoot but she also had a disastrous acting audition that I will not get into any further because if you can’t say anything nice…

Also, I should mention the ladies’ goal to get Imani a man. Everyone wants Imani to be happy, but while Jackie is helping her to find Mr. Right, Laura wants to get Imani a Mr. Right Now.

“Get boned first. Get the stick outta your ass and the cobwebs off your cooch, that’s all I’m trying to say” Laura tries to say. We got it, L! Also, I’ve hesitated to bring this up before now, but this is the third episode in which Laura has repeated her mantra “white is right,” now that Imani has a little crush on Jackie’s friend Kyle. No judgment here, but what does Gilbert Arenas think of that? It seems odd.

Imani does go on a date with Kyle and he is adorable and sweet but he has two strikes against him when he tells Imani he has a roommate and he makes nowhere near $800,000 a year. I don’t know much about first date etiquette, but telling your man that he doesn’t have to make that much money sounds like you’re saying “but it would be nice if you made that much money,” because that number doesn’t sound very random. But, like so many other relationships on this show, I’ve learned not to take things at face value because things are constantly evolving and nothing ever stays the same.

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