Foster The People Welcome Kenny G(!) On Saturday Night Live


Foster The People continued their banner year with an appearance on Saturday Night Live, where they performed (what else?) “Pumped Up Kicks.” But for their second song of the night they welcomed a surprising guest—Kenny G, who has officially gotten more notice at VH1 this year, between this performance and his appearance in Katy Perry’s Song Of The Summer video “Last Friday Night,” than any since VH1 was born in 1985. The controversial smooth-jazz titan added a soprano-sax solo to “Houdini.”

The collaboration was not as out-of-left-field as it may have seemed; the band has talked on multiple occasions about collaborating with the saxophonist (who also appeared in an Audi ad this year as a “riot suppressor”). The tipping point may have been a short interview with MTV Hive, during which a reiteration of what seemed like a running joke became a reflection on Kenny G’s talents. “I watched that guy hold a note for like ten minutes,” Mark Foster quipped, exaggerating but not entirely joking. Finally, on Saturday, the moment arrived. For a somewhat different (albeit Kenny G-free) take on “Houdini,” check the band’s You Oughta Know Live performance of the track after the jump.

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