House Of Consignment Coming To VH1 In January 2012


VH1 is getting a little more fashionable with the new show House Of Consignment, which will premiere in January, 2012. Chicago residents might already be familiar with Corri McFadden and her store, eDrop-Off, and now the rest of the world will get to know this fashion entrepreneur, too. Corri and her team of fashion experts run a consignment shop where they sell used and vintage designer clothes online and clean out the closets of some high-end, wealthy clients — for more information about their “retail revolution,” read on.

New Fashion Reality Show Premieres January, 2012 on VH1

SANTA MONICA, CA – October 7, 2011
— “House of Consignment,” is a new 10 episode, half-hour reality series featuring Chicago entrepreneur and fashion maven Corri McFadden who’s out to improve the way women shop. Changing the face of the consignment world on a daily basis, Corri and her team of twenty-something fashionistas take in thousands of dollars of luxury brand items from their roster of high-end clients at her sleek, Lincoln Park retail store eDrop-Off. What began as Corri’s senior project in fashion design school, has turned her into a young and successful business woman and the owner of a booming multi-million dollar company.
At the store, fashion items and accessories from the likes of Dolce & Gabbana to Hermes and Chanel are catalogued and photographed for eBay auction. Leave your ready-to-wear at home as eDrop-Off only accepts couture items from the most exclusive designers. With only seven days on the block, items sell for top dollar leaving the consignment client with a pretty penny for the resale and stylish shoppers with exquisite items for less. eDrop-Off takes their commission and everyone wins in the ultimate fashion recycle. Make your fashion bid on “House of Consignment” premiering January, 2012 on VH1.
In addition to following the in-store activities of her successful eDrop-Off storefront, “House of Consignment” trails Corri and her team as they make house calls for their signature “Closet Cleanout” option. This first-of-its-kind service sends eDrop-Off fashion pros directly into the homes and closets of their most exclusive (and wealthy) clients for an on-site fashion “edit.” Sifting, sorting and exploring her way through clothes and accessories totaling in the tens-of-thousands, Corri advises her clients on what to keep, what to toss and what they can sell for big bucks on consignment. Part intervention, part fashion lesson and part treasure hunt, “closet cleanouts” offer clients and viewers useful fashion advice while Corri uncovers surprisingly provocative and personal stories behind the clothes. She sees it as the ultimate “fashion therapy” – and that never goes out of style.
“House of Consignment” is executive produced by Stephanie Drachkovitch and co-executive produced by Jennifer Colbert for 44 Blue Productions. Executive producers for VH1 are Kristen Kelly, Jill Holmes and Jeff Olde.

[Photo: Style Tribe]

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  1. angela says:

    Hi i just wanted to know if we can buy clothes from this site or is it just a show minus the purchasing power,

  2. Trina says:

    I love, love, love the show.


  4. Lulu Burgess says:


  5. sherylclark says:

    can the pubic buy the louis vitton bags good show thank god bless

  6. Dee says:

    Really your a dumd ass Cory you fired somebody who was just as worried about your business as your were a probaly would have sent it into world wide stardom youthink small she was bring the ideas and doing the work being a mini you and you couldnt give her credit . i dont like you any more thouth you were a really smart business woman trying to launch a jewerly line andyou fire your right hand.listening to gossip
    all i got to say is dumb ass!

  7. b says:

    i like the show it made me see my closet im ready to throw everything out……but no i will clear out anything a have not worn in over a year thanx cory your awsome

  8. b says:

    i see my closet in a different light

  9. brenda says:

    to everyone asking if they can buy stuff at the store, they sell their stuff on ebay!

  10. lkanony says:

    O.K….if she’s thinking “long term” than she chose THE WRONG E-TERN to come on board. I mean she made her decision off of a week’s performance(?) when the other has been consistent during the whole e-tern time frame (?). HE is open about his future…which is NOT with edrop off. As for Nicole….funny how the tables turned in terms of what she did to Daniel and how she is suddenly singing a different tune….which is WHY she should’ve known better than to voice her feelings to co-workers. WHY would you NOT figure out a way (since she seems like she knows it all) to CONSTRUCTIVELY explain your position to Corri when she has confronted you, as oppose to play dumb and deny your feelings (?)…she came off pretty weak at the end….NOT the business minded “I know, I feel” person she’s been posing to be to EVERYONE ELSE. THAT’S why Corri no longer trusted Nicole in the end. I mean sorry but….during the show (and perhaps because of being on TV) she appeared to I guess have more clout than she actually had as it turns out….which is why she comes off as MORE DUMB……you’re on TV…IT WILL COME OUT….or frankly the producers will find a way to introduce the subject TO the core person (being Corri) to lead into something else.

  11. lkanony says:

    To “Dee”,…..I don’t agree with all of Corri’s decisions either….namely her choice of e-terns (see my comment below under “lkanony”). In terms of Nicole though, for someone in a managerial position, SHE should’ve known better to realistically NOT talk so negatively and blunt about how she feels to co-workers. I mean….let’s be real. SHE DID say a lot of things to co-workers…so it’s really not necessarily idle gossip. Second, I think she is/was too trusting in her co-workers and possibly even in her boss Corri. IF she really felt she wasn’t getting credit for her ideas, than STOP GIVING IDEAS…STICK WITHIN THE PARAMETERS OF YOUR JOB DESCRIPTION and perhaps think about how you can USE YOUR OWN IDEAS BASED ON YOUR EXPERIENCE, TO DO SOMETHING FOR YOURSELF. I think she DID become delusional into thinking that she was going to be offered partnership in a business THAT WAS ESTABLISED 5 YEARS BEFORE SHE CAME ON BOARD after working only 2 years with the company(?). SHE probably wondered if her thoughts were too farfetched too which is why she didn’t go directly to Corri herself to talk about “partnership”. Yet she had a spine to talk about it to co-workers? I mean what?…Did she think she was going to stir some protest amongst the co-workers to defend her honor?….Speak on her behalf to Corri for all the hard work she’s been doing? Sure they would do that and show support TO HER FACE but…why take that route?…at the end, everyone has him/herself to look after. I bet whomever went back to Corri (or perhaps Corri just started asking around for herself since she noticed the change in Nicole) is itching to take Nicole’s place, ESPECIALLY now that they are on T.V….which is WHY she shouldn’t have trusted/talked to co-workers. Hell, some employees are more candid than others and may even exaggerate a bit. Now, understand that the fashion business in particular IS a team which means just because you actually drew the design, sewed the garment, worked the long hours, and been a part of the process from beginning to end DOES NOT mean YOUR NAME is going on the garment…it would be the brand OWNER or creative director’s name on the finished product.