La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 7 – I’ve Got An Idea


La La is on the hunt this week. She’s looking for a new home so she can stop living out of suitcases at a hotel, but she’s also looking for a man for her buddy Trina. And she’s also applying for a job to be Trina’s bra.

La La can tell that Trina’s a little lonely ever since she broke up with her boyfriend, so she devises a plan to set Trina up on a blind dating with her boxing coach, Hollywood Hino. Po and Dice are skeptical from the moment that La tells them “I have an idea,” but as soon as they determine that the idea does not involve them directly, they’re fine with it.

So they call Hino, and La La tells him “Being the sexy, black, single male that you are, we wanna hook you up on a blind date with a friend of ours tonight,” and even though he’s taken by surprise

he accepts. Because hello, it’s a date with Trina. The issue now, is getting Trina to accept her fate too.

But before the date can happen, La La looks at an apartment in Tribeca where she’d have neighbors like Jay-Z, Robert De Niro, and Daniel Craig. And on top of the celebrity cache, the floors in this place are leather! The stairs are Italian! And also, it’s a deathtrap for Kiyan! And at $18,000 a month, La La doesn’t think it’s their most practical choice, so she peaces out.

La La can’t get over the price and tells her real estate agent Eunice “Who in their right mind is paying $18,000 a month for that small-ass apartment? They can kiss my ass, $18,000 a month.” It goes to show how jaded a New Yorker I am, I assumed that $18,000 a month was totally reasonable for La La and Melo, and also not that bad in general for an apartment in Tribeca. I think I watch too much Selling New York on HGTV though.

Back to the date. La, Po, and Dice go with Trina on her blind date with Hino. After adjusting Trina’s boobs so that they’re just so,

they enlist some help from the hostess, they sit at a table with a perfect view of Trina’s table.

Trina’s going into the date a little critical, and tells them “He’s got five minutes to get it right,” but having her three friends in a booth nearby helps ease her into things. When they aren’t being totally distracting.

Later, the three matchmaking stooges ambush the date just to let Hino know they’ve been watching the whole thing, and everyone agrees that it was a success. “This was one of your good ideas,” Po tells La La. “Nobody got hurt, tattooed, or body-casted.”

And no one had to run naked in the cold Denver night either, you know Po was happy about that.

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