The Greatest Song Of The 00′s: What Should It Have Been?


If you tuned in to our five-day 100 Greatest Songs of the 00′s countdown last week, you already know that pre-preggers Beyoncé took home the #1 spot with hubby-featured smash, “Crazy In Love.” Good for them, right? The collabo is over eight years old, and still carries with it a sense of sonic recognition that might one day be categorized as “timeless.”

If you ask our countdown’s pundits, however, there is a wide range of respectfully-dissenting opinions on what video should have been #1. Tim and Damian from OK Go suggested that Gnarls Barkley’s “Crazy” should have earned the coveted slot, our former colleague Rich Juzwiak was vying for Mariah Carey’s “We Belong Together,” and a number of other commentators from the show made arguments for OutKast, Kelly Clarkson, and Eminem.

If you could have your way with our list’s top 10 songs, which one would you have crowned The Greatest of the 00′s? Take our poll and leave us your thoughts in the comments section. Don’t worry, we’re thick-skinned!

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  1. Ligia Caceros says:

    La mejor the one and only kelly is the best with since u been gone!!!!

  2. We Belong Together should definitely be #1. 14 weeks at #1 plus it’s the song that got the Biggest Impression of all time in a single week. I mean-How can u ignore that????

  3. samer says:

    Of course is Mariah Carey !!!

  4. Lino Gonzalez says:

    Mariah is the best!!!!

  5. Cris says:

    We belong togetheeeeeeeeeeeer.
    And I love the piano intro. Give me chills.

  6. naldo says:

    respect to all the artist that made the list but we belong together should have been #1

  7. Luis Caballero says:

    Mariah Carey es una cantante maravillosa …

  8. Jessica says:

    the best!

  9. MCC says:

    Mariah Carey should’ve been #1 obviously, Billboard already listed that song as the song of the decade. It was the best selling and most played single of the 00′s.

  10. MCEssential says:

    Mariah !! 16 number one … i luv u mc

  11. rodrigo says:

    We belong together by Mariah Carey> 14 weeks an No1 and 192 millions spins in a single week

  12. Byron says:

    I dont like Mariah at all but i think that she has the best song of the 00s…WBT, I am talking regarding the performance in the charts!.

  13. MCC says:

    Beyonce’s song was great and all but COME ON, the best song of the 00′s?! Hardly! Mariah’s ‘We Belong Together’ was number one for 14 weeks and was deemed the song of the decade by Billboard. It was that song (and still is) that everybody knows the lyrics to and sings alongs to. This countdown was bs because Mariah definitely deserved that spot.

  14. Luciana Oliveira says:

    Of course the best is Mariah Carey!!!

  15. lady caca says:

    madonna 80s –like a virgin n 8, 90s–vogue n 5, 00s– music n 28 .queen of us , top 30 in 3 consecutive decades , more than any other artist

  16. diom86 says:

    We belong together is simply amazing…you can’t compare the other songs with it. Mariah Rules !!!

  17. iLaughiLive says:

    I love We belong together but He Ya! was much better.. but obviously the Lambs are in full effect that’s what’s up support y’all girl

  18. Gaboo says:

    MARIAH….!!!! She is Awesome, i’m still in Love with “We Belong Together”

  19. pebrian - indonesia says:

    We Belong Together should be #1 ..

  20. Nassef says:

    Mariah Carey’s We Belong Together should have been number one. “One Sweet Day” was the Billboard’s song of the decade in 1990s, and “We Belong Together” is the 2000s song of the decade. What else you could ask for? Just compare “Crazy In Love” achievement(s) from “We Belong Together,” and you will statistically and evidently evaluated which song should have been number one.

  21. Rey says:

    Mariah’s We Belong Together! Seriously, come on, Best Selling Female Artiste of all time, with most #1s under her belt!!!

  22. Namron says:

    Mariah is ALWAYS overlooked. She is the greatest and she deserves more recognition. She revolutionised modern music – Beyonce wouldn’t be Beyonce without the likes of MARIAH!!! So give Mariah the credit she definately deserves!!!!

  23. Justin M. says:

    Mariah Carey is one of the greatest singers of all time.
    “We belong together” should be #1.
    Mariah RULED the 00′s.

  24. Justin M. says:

    Mariah Carey has 18 #1 hits. Most #1′s than any other artist other than The Beatles.

  25. Hamilton says:

    is this person serious with that Madonna post. madonna has not been relevant to a top 1 song in the billboards in over decade. let it go madonna fans stay in the 80 early 90s when madonna was really relevant.

  26. Suzukney says:

    We Belong together, of course! <3

  27. Narmer Jimenez says:

    WE BELONG TOGETHER ……. it was huge not only in the US , it was a monster song all over the world and also in Costa Rica where Im from …… MARIAH PLEASE COME TO COSTA RICA WE LOVE YOU HERE…….

  28. Veru says: