The T.O. Show – Episode 7 – Inside The Actor’s Studio


The T.O. Show gang is headed to L.A. and everyone has their reasons for going. But before they go, a flexibility contest.

T.O., Mo, and Kita all head to La La Land this week, and each one is there to get things done. Mo is returning to her family and show her husband some love and affection (Mo must not have a Ted of her own). In addition, she’s back with her kids and is able to throw her son Jackson a birthday party. Kita’s gift to Jackson appears to be a lesson on how to use outdoor voices and scream at the top of their lungs.

She’s having a grand old time until her ex, Joe, shows up though. Oh, Joe. Mo is really pushing this Joe thing, huh?

Kita, as it’s been well-documented, broke up with Joe when he told her he was still married (although this week he clarifies that he’s basically been in the process of getting divorced this whole time). Her sister BJ insists that at the very least, Kita needs closure so she should have a sit-down with him. A dinner, not a DATE.

It’s taken a long time for Kita to be at peace with the marriage stuff and tells him that his being married while they were together made her look a fool. Joe shows her he’s serious about getting back with her by presenting her his actual divorce papers (I mean, really Joe? At dinner? I don’t know, you could have left them at home and we’d take your word for it) and asking her for another chance.

Kita says she forgives Joe but whether or not she’s ready to re-date him is another story. And with that, she drains her glass of wine in four seconds flat and becomes my new hero.

T.O. heads to L.A. to jump start his acting career and appear in the film Dysfunctional Friends with Stacey Dash.

(So this was filmed before he filmed his episode of Single Ladies then.) T.O. chats with Stacey about acting

and she tells him “It’s never too soon and it’s never too late” to start this career, and as they go their separate ways, she commits the cardinal sin of pronouncing his name incorrectly. It’s not Ter-ELL, Stacey!

But he says “Normally I correct people when they mispronounce my name, but being that it’s Stacey Dash, she gets a pass.”

Later, after arriving for his next scene in the film, Kita’s sister tosses Terrell a pair of pants and the belt buckle smacks him in the head.

“I might have a knot on my head for this next scene!” he says in anguish, now knowing exactly how Eric Williams felt whenever he appeared on Basketball Wives.

When filming wraps, T.O. explains that this has been a good start to his new career in front of the camera. “I wanted to be an actor, so I put my mind to it and did it,” he says, and with that, every Juilliard graduate and Stella Adler student who has been trying to make in it this business shed a silent tear and took a mental health day from their catering job.

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