Jackie Christie, The Marrying Kind: When A Man Loves A Woman


We’ve been in touch with Basketball Wives L.A. star Jackie Christie recently to discuss her many weddings, and she graciously offered to write a column for the VH1 blog with the advice and wisdom she’s picked up after years of marriage to retired NBA star Doug Christie. The Christies’ relationship has been inspirational for many of their peers, and they’ve never compromised it, they put family and each other ahead of everything else. The pair wrote a book, No Ordinary Love, together and we’re glad that Jackie has chosen to share even more of her words of wisdom as a true basketball wife with us each week.

When A Man Loves A Woman!

There’s an old saying that goes like this: “When a man loves a women he will do everything in his power to make her happy.” He will put her needs before his own and he would never do anything to hurt her. Wow! When a man loves a woman, treating her like his queen is his priority! Often times, the question arises about what a man needs from his mate? Having done my own research :-) I’ve found that men want to feel loved, emotionally and physically satisfied, and most importantly they want to feel respected and appreciated.

These are the key ingredients to making your guy happy, which is so important in any successful relationship, as it cannot be just one-sided. When both parties are getting what they want and need in the marriage or relationship, there is much less room for arguments, misunderstandings, or break-ups. Two people want to stay together when they are both happy together, because it’s a great feeling to be in an intimate and fulfilling marriage or relationship with your soul mate.

One thing Doug and I do is always communicate with each other, neither of us are mind readers so we never expect the other to know what we are thinking. That takes a lot of the frustrating guess work, out of our marriage, leaving a lot more room for the good things to be enjoyed.

A really good suggestion I like to offer other couples is to pick one day a week to just have what Doug and I call CONFESSION SESSION :-) It’s a fun little time when the two of you can get everything off your chest that you’ve been feeling, good or bad. And the object of this game is that and neither of you can take it personally or shut down to your partner, this will open the flood gates regularly to the two of you wanting to communicate all of your feelings with each other and it becomes even easier to let your mate know exactly what you need in the relationship thus ensuring the two of you are happy and fulfilled.

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