Ton Of Cash – Episode 8 – I’ll Give You War


This week on Ton Of Cash, James wears socks in the sand and Rusty becomes a Calvin Klein model.

“I have no clue what’s happening right now,” Vanessa says when she’s trying to decipher the various mind-games and relationships that are being played now that the end of the course is near. Vanessa’s been the one who hasn’t really formed any alliances at all during the game, which I have a feeling has helped her, because unlike everyone else, she hasn’t messed with anyone’s head in order to get ahead.

Rusty, however, is a different story. He and James have a pow-wow to discuss which of them should be financial adviser this week, and Rusty tells James he needs to do it so that James can do Rusty’s dirty work of putting Temica up for elimination.

"F*** her"? I believe you both did already.

“I knew I could count on James to fall for my plan,” Rusty says, proving Vanessa’s point that he is not to be trusted. Too bad the group votes for Rusty to be the adviser, and he begrudgingly accepts.

The challenge involves dragging/carrying/dune-buggying the rest of the cash across the desert to get to the checkpoint, and the group learns quickly that tires and loose desert sand don’t mix.

So they ultimately drag the rest of their money on magic carpets across the dunes.

The gang has their own unique opinions of the desert too, btw.

“It’s absolutely Star Wars right now. I feel like some sand people are going to come out and start shooting us,” Justin says of the majestic but yes, Tatooine-like landscape.

“This is cruel and unusual punishment,” Temica says. “Sand? Weaves? They don’t mix, boo.”

They complete the challenge successfully, which means Rusty is safe and needs to pick three people to put up for elimination. Vanessa decides to plead her case, a.k.a. tattle on Justin, Amie and Temica for gossiping about the contract Rusty signed with Temica. (Vanessa may not have picked a side, but she’s good at playing all sides, huh?) Unfortunately, the tattling worked against her and Rusty still put her in for elimination, along with Amie and…dun dun dunnnnh…Temica. Contract? What contract? Rusty also makes a point to show off his brah love for James. Aww.

“We did have a deal but it’s a game,” Rusty says. When (both) votes are tallied, Temica and Vanessa are ultimately the ones who must face off against each other. It’s fitting though, because Rusty betrayed both of their trust by promising them both that they would be safe. He saved Amie on purpose because he “wouldn’t mind another go” at her, which is gross but I expect nothing more from this dude.

Vanessa and Temica engage in a money tug-of-war prove your worth challenge that at first seems like it will be the quickest, easiest battle yet — one of them must yank the block of money from the other and the first person to do so, wins.

But thirty minutes later, the girls are still tugging and possibly playing dirty, what with Temica tripping and Vanessa biting.

It ends in a draw and no one goes home, but that means that good ole Rusty’s now playing the game with two more enemies against him.

Unrelated, I noticed this week that if you squint your eyes (or also take a slightly blurry screenshot) while looking at James, he can pass for a more chinny Mark Paul Gosselaar. That is all!

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