Shearer’s Spotlight: 10 Reasons The Foo Fighters Are The Best Live Band Around


We dare you to think of a band that puts on a better show!

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In conversation–because of my profession–people usually ask me if I’ve seen any good shows lately. Without hesitation, I tell them that they must see the Foo Fighters, who are currently putting on a rock show for the ages (and that’s not me speaking in hyperbole).

I’ve seen two performances from their current tour, and I can tell you for a fact that no other band is putting on a better show than the Foo Fighters right now.You need more reasons to see them? Good, here goes:

1.) Grohl on Drums
Cage The Elephant are currently opening up for the Foo Fighters, and after their drummer Jared Champion’s appendix burst, Dave Grohl said he’d fill in on drums so the band wouldn’t have to drop off the bill.As you know, Dave Grohl has played drums before, but whenever he steps behind a kit, its met with the same astonishment as if he’s walking on water. It’s not that miraculous, but it is still pretty freakin’ cool (especially since Cage The Elephant’s music is inspired by the decade in which Dave Grohl was a full-time drummer)!

2.) You Get Your Money’s Worth
The Foo Fighters are playing mammoth sets on this tour, some clocking in near three hours in length.Whenever a band exceeds a city’s curfew, they have to pay fine for each minute they go over, but as Dave Grohl has mentioned on various tour stops: I can afford it.

3.) A Classic Rock Education
Since the Foos have rocked out with members of Queen, Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and The Beatles, it seems quite appropriate, when in between songs, Dave Grohl speaks to the audience about appreciating “real” rock and roll, and not music created with computers. Don’t be surprised if you hear some Tom Petty, Pink Floyd, or Queen cover songs during the show.

4.) Every Song Is Played Like An Encore
Every rock band on the planet has to be so jealous of the Foo Fighters right now. A few songs into their set, they perform an encore-worthy, 6-minute jam-out of “My Hero.” If only every act had the luxury of busting out a show-closer like this so early in their performance.

5.) Best Tour Commercial Ever
If you haven’t seen the Foo Fighters’ truck stop video, promoting their current tour, you’re cheating yourself of comic gold.

6.) Never Too Busy To Protest
Don’t be surprised if you see the Foo Fighters—dressed as hillbillies—rolling by on a flatbed truck, protesting protestors. This is exactly what happened in Kansas City last month when a radical religious group picketed outside a Foo Fighters concert (probably for what they did in the skit mentioned above). Dave Grohl delivered a hilarious, yet socially on-point commentary, on homophobia in America.

7.) Personalized T-Shirts
For every city in which the Foo Fighters perform, they are selling a special run of tour shirts silk-screened with that particular city’s name embedded in the Foo Fighters’ tour logo. There’s also an inside stamp on the shirt commemorating the date of the show. This beats your regular, mass-produced concert shirt, eh?

8.) Greatest Hits
It should come as no surprise, but the Foo Fighters are loaded with hit songs, which also happen to be some of the best rock songs written in the last 15 years. You’ll hear practically every one of them on this tour.

9.) Encore Skit
Without any hint of audio (besides, of course, thousands of screaming fans), the Foo Fighters’ nightly encore begins with a skit, broadcast on the stage’s jumbo-tron, of the band arguing backstage about how many songs they should play for the encore. (On a good night, you may get six or seven.)

10.) See It Now
You know how the older dudes, with gray ponytails, working the counter at music stores reminisce about seeing Zeppelin or The Who back in the day. Well, you need to see the Foo Fighters on this current tour, so you’ll have a story to tell when you start growing out your gray ponytail.

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