Tough Love Miami – Episode 4 – A Fly In Her Ear


Wilkommen, bienvenue, welcome to this week’s multi-lingual episode of Tough Love Miami.

The first challenge during week four of tough love bootcamp is yet another date with yet another twist. The women are each paired up with a new man, but surprise! None of their dates speak their language!

Steve explains that they’ll need to rely on non-verbal cues to enjoy a successful date. This led to what can only be described as Charades For Dummies On Dates.

After figuring out creative ways to roll cigars and make mojitos and, you know, yell “MARIAH CAREY!” at their dates to see what they comprende, Steve drops the bomb that, har har, these guys DO speak English after all! And that makes everyone feel a little dumb. And you thought it was awkward watching Claudia make woof woof to her date.

They were a little cringey after finding that out..

“When it comes to love, it’s not what you say but how you say it,” Steve explains.

For the next challenge, Steve gives the women an earpiece, and they’re tasked with doing whatever Steve tells them to do.

It’s like Cyrano de ToughLove, but instead of wooing someone with poetry they’re forced to ask about dick piercings.

After watching/coaching Brigette (and trying to tone down her sizzle with Anthony)

Steve moved on to Avonte, who got the hang of his coaching right away and had a very flirtatious, sexy date.

“When Avonte turns it on, she’s a whole nother woman!” Steve says. Unfortunately, Christine was a less good pupil and she ignored every last thing that Steve told her to do.

When he told her to whisper in her date’s ear, she explained “I don’t know any woman who would whisper in her dates ear within ten minutes of knowing someone.” Steve begs to differ because this was a flirting challenge, not a “make conversation about Naperville” challenge.

Chasity seems like she’s doing okay until it’s revealed that she has no idea what her date’s name is. Jane flirts well with her date, Arthur, but she talks with her mouth full,

and makes it worse by trying to conceal her full mouth.

Michelle‘s date had nipple piercings and after he wouldn’t let her see them, Steve put her up to asking about if he had a Prince Albert. “I felt very, very dirty!” Michelle screamed after finding out what the was, exactly.

Perhaps no one was uncomfortable as Leilani though. Where Christine just ignored Steve’s orders, Leilani visibly reacted to them with shock and awe (while her date, George, must have started to feel like he was in some kind of Katherine Heigl rom-com, watching his date twitch and giggle for reasons unbeknownst to him).

George seems to be smitten with Leilani now that he’s past her superficial aspects, and even gave her a necklace as a gift.

Leilani had a momentary freakout after the date as she settled into bed because she was worried that George would think her behavior on the date was irrational and crazy, and she started questioning what was real and what was fake. Leilani started to worry that even the necklace George gave her was just a set-up by Steve to mess with her, so at this point, Avonte called her out on being a whiny child, so Leilani…walked out on the fight like a whiny child.

At group, Steve rewards Avonte with best in class for this week, and the key word that her date and Steve both used to describe her was “open.” She definitely let her guard down and was not closed off, rude Avonte that we’ve seen before.

Christine’s feedback was less positive. She was so sure her date with Jason went so well, (after all, who doesn’t get warm and tingly talking about the midwest?), but when Steve asked Jason about it, he was neutral. He wasn’t turned off, but he wasn’t turned on either. Christine sad. Christine cry.

Steve pulls a mad dad move on Brigette when he tells her he forbids her from seeing Anthony on her next date. (After making her watch the super awkward footage of Anthony asking her ring size, of course. That’s a rough scene for her to watch.)

“That’s it! I’m splitting you guys up!” he tells her and, Brigette easily falls into the role of disobedient teen, telling him “I don’t WANT to see anyone else.” Harumph.

Wait, you gotta love Michelle for her reactions to this whole thing ring-size conversation:

With Chasity, Steve has another approach. She admits that flirting is easy because as a go-go dancer she does it all the time, but the only man she’s felt attracted to during boot camp was Al, the guy who had a problem with her dancing. Chasity says she’d lie to Al and tell him she would quit dancing if it meant getting another date with him, and Steve throws her for a loop when Al walks right in.

Everyone is shocked, actually.

Chasity asks him how he has a problem with her go-go dancing when so many other men she’s met and dated have never had a problem with it in the past. (I wonder if she met those easy-going men in the club?) Al makes sense when he tells her he doesn’t want to introduce his family to her and have to explain what she does. Al’s planning ahead, I like that. He’s able to anticipate the things his family will want to know about his new girl and he doesn’t want to tell them it her place of work is an elevated cage, or sometimes a pole. Ultimately, Chasity agrees that Al is worth quitting her job for. So if anyone knows of an open administrative assistant job where you can wear six-inch leopard heels and a tasseled bikini, try to find Chasity on LinkedIn, wouldja?

And finally, Leilani gets a shot in the hot seat because of how blatantly she disregarded and freaked out over the challenge. By the look of her posture, she appears like a child about to be punished

but she calms down once she realizes that Tough Love Miami is not, in fact, a long con devised solely to humiliate her on national television and that George really does like her and wanted her to have that necklace. Once Leilani gets over her irrational fears that George, Steve, and the rest of the world are out to hurt her, it seems like she’ll really have it all figured out.

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