La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 8 – Oh, Give Me A Home


La La‘s all over the map this week — literally and figuratively. She’s burnt out after looking for a new place to live in New York, so she decides to take some me-time and visit some famous friends in L.A. and have a quick check-up at the doctor while she’s at it. Because, oh yeah, she might be pregnant.

After scouring New Jersey for a new house, La La feels a little like Goldilocks. This one’s too big

this one’s too close to the neighbors

and this one would be juuuust right, if it didn’t have so many stairs.

Will this search ever end?? Not any time in this episode!

La takes some time to hang out with her friend Kim Kardashian and go to the Knicks Vs. Nets game

but unfortunately, we don’t see more of Kim in this episode because La La starts vomiting at the sight of her (J/K!). When La La comes homefrom the game, she spends the night throwing up for reasons we have not yet determined, but it wasn’t Kardashian-related, as far as we can tell.

La La explains that she doesn’t really want another kid, but it’s possible this nausea could be morning sickness, so she sets up an appointment with her doctor in L.A.

Before she sees the doc though, she works out with her trainer, Gunnar, to work off some of that New York City street food and get back to her fighting weight.

La says that being in L.A. makes her feel relaxed and calm, and she enjoys chilling out with Kiyan and Twitter-Skyping with Melo while she’s out there. It is adorable.

La La spends a decent amount of time on the phone with Melo in this episode, because he’s on the road so much, but she seems a little sad to make the call to him after her doctor’s appointment to report that she is not, in fact, pregnant. Looks the the puking was Kardashian-related after all.

After all the emotional rollercoastering La La’s been doing, she looks forward to lunch with her girls Kelly Rowland and Serena Williams, who she doesn’t get to see much of in New York.

They start talking about the ten pounds La La has gained, and Serena must think it’s gone completely to La La’s boobs because she threatens to motorboat La La after checking her out.

It’s nice that La La had time to decompress with her L.A. friends, because as we can see from the previews, next week, things take a dramatic turn with Dice, and it looks far from relaxing.

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