Hanson Drops In On Big Morning Buzz Live


When we geared up to launch a new season of Big Morning Buzz Live, one potential first-week musical guest jumped immediately to mind: Hanson. When we premiered the music video for “Give A Little” back in February, our own Mark Graham presaged the return of alto saxophone in pop while praising the track, which would go on to hit #1 on our Top 20 Video Countdown in April. One sax-filled summer later, we’re finally ready for autumn, and who better to ring in a new season than Hanson, playing a stripped-down “Give A Little” live in-studio? The band also spoke to host Carrie Keagan about their fans, Isaac’s “solo career,” the popularity of This Time Around (the album after “Mmm Bop”), and Halloween. Plus, as a Buzz.VH1.com online exclusive, they then performed “Mmm Bop.”

Our sister site The Fab Life also pulled the band aside to ask the question that’s on all of our minds: is Hanson prepared for a zombie apocalypse? There’s plenty more like this in store for this season of Big Morning Buzz Live, whichairs every weekday at 9AM EST on VH1, so tune in!