Coldplay’s Idea Of “Paradise” Is Being On Stage In Johannesburg


In Coldplay’s new video for “Paradise,” Chris Martin escapes imprisonment in Britain, busks for a bit, then stows away on a flight to South Africa, and rides a unicycle out into the country to reunite with his bandmates for an outdoor jam followed by a stadium show. Oh, also, he’s dressed in a giant elephant costume.

Coldplay may be liberals, but this video concept is a gag, not a “message” video. The plot would be more than a little problematic if it were at all serious, and the band seems to know this. (Though we would have gotten a kick out of a fair trade slogan scrawled on an elephant paw.) The whole affair is just another cheeky Coldplay video—or else Martin’s kids have really been going in on Sharon, Lois & Bram reruns. And it’s plenty fun. But if you’ll indulge us, we’d like to briefly highlight our two favorite extras in this video. The first is the unseen actor in the elephant suit for the London scenes. If it is actually Chris Martin, more power to him, but considering the band’s touring schedule it’s just as likely that those scenes featured another performer. The second is the bro wearing the Donnie Darko T-shirt. Is he a plant? Or is this just serendipity? We can’t decide.

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