More Offscreen Love & Hip Hop Drama: New Castmember Yandy Smith Drops Jim Jones As A Client [UPDATED]


Earlier this week we posted the season two supertrailer for Love And Hip Hop, and we could hardly believe the drama that’s to come. Punches were thrown between newbie Kimbella and Chrissy Lampkin, and there was a general vibe that s— is about to go down. Well, it would appear that things are getting just as heated off camera lately, because we just learned that the other new member of the cast, music manager Yandy Smith, has dropped Jim Jones as a client and Chrissy may be the reason why. Website reports

“Yandy’s rep confirmed to TheYBF that she indeed recently dropped Jim Jones as a client after working with him for 7 years. The rep also said it was due in part to the on-going beef with Jimmy’s girlfriend Chrissy.”

They also report that Yandy and Chrissy came to blows at a party for Kimbella in Miami recently, though no reps would confirm the situation. We know from the supertrailer that Chrissy has issues with Yandy, but if these reports are all accurate, this is going to make an already explosive season even more heated.

UPDATE: Yandy has spoken to Parlour Magazine about why her professional relationship with Jim went south (she also compares Chrissy to Evelyn Lozada from Basketball Wives). She explains:

Whenever you’re a woman in the entertainment industry, you’ve got to deal with the wives and girlfriends of your artists. I’m cool with all of my other clients and their ladies but when women have insecurities or feel threatened by your career, they act bad and if they’re a hood chick, they’ll act hood…It got to a point where he wouldn’t answer my phone calls if she was in the house and we had business to do. He’s doing himself a disservice. I’m not trying to stop your money because the b*tch doesn’t like me.”

[Photos: VH1]

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  1. andrea lee says:

    christy got them hands se how she beat ole girl,jims mom betta watch out

  2. Pinky says:

    “Damn” Gotta Love Chrissy! She’s a “BEAST” After Chrissy layed hands on Kimbella Yandy should have just been on her side.. .. Team Chrissy All Day and Night long…….

  3. DecoraLaFace says:

    I kind of understood where everybody was coming from:

    Kimbella: She knew Emily would find out, they are already on television so even if she tells you in private, its still public. She really doesn’t know her so as soon as she got an opening she just blurted it out.

    Emily: She is hurt because you dated her man during a time they were together and she was pregnant. Regardless if you knew about her or not, it’s still hurtful

    Chrissy: She sees her hurt her friend and gets upset, sucker punches her out of her dress.
    Yandy doesn’t take a firm stance to anyone’s side, so the trust level for her decreased. She does have to deal with women throwing themselves at her man all the time. The last thing you want is a woman you don’t trust hanging around your man all the time.

    Yandy: She just wants to get a long with everybody and not really pick a side since she has to have some relationship with everybody involved in the situation. She’s a friend, but a business woman first. So she tried to keep a relationship with Kimbella, Jim’s Mom, and Chrissy.

  4. Basimah says:

    I feel like everything could have been avoided had Yandy stayed within the professional boudaries of her job description. Don’t get me wrong, I like Yandy and Crissy, but you have to tell it how it is. You never want to put yourself in the middle of any clients personal life, whether your advice is requested or not. Had Yandy never addressed Crissy on any personal issues, there would have been no grounds for drama. And if Crissy still would have initiated aggression towards Yandy, then she would have looked foolish all by herself. But because Yandy crossed the line of business and personal, they both look like bickering women. They are both two beautiful intelligent women and I hated to see them sell themselves short displaying such juvenille behavior. Peace!

  5. Basimah says:

    Also I have to say that Emily is trying so hard to please everyone else, she does herself a disservice. She’s falling back into the “Fabulous” trap where he is only trying to put her back into the place she’s been in these past 10 years. If he’s not willing to marry you, then he’s not worth the time. A man can keep a woman on “call waiting” for years, and it’s usually the best youthful years of her life. So stop fooling yourself. Maya Angelou once said ” when a person shows you who they truly are, believe them”. Stop trying to make good out of a bad situation, it’s time to get out of limbo and find a man willing to make you his wife. If you play wife too long you’ll never be one. Emily is a sweet girl who fell for the wrong man. A common tale with a common ending.