You Oughta Know Live: MUTEMATH Reimagines Alicia Keys’s “Fallin'”


MUTEMATH had already come through New York City on their fall tour when we selected them as the latest You Oughta Know artist, so we felt a bit guilty making them go out of their way to come to our offices, thrilled though we may have been. The band didn’t seem to mind in the slightest, though, laying down a killer You Oughta Know Live set for us, including an Alicia Keys cover that surprised us with its unique interpretation. After playing the two singles from their new album—”Odd Soul” and “Blood Pressure”—they launched into a Southern blues-rock version of “Fallin'” that sizzled. Maybe it was the Hammond B3 organ Todd Gummerman played, or perhaps Darren King’s substitution of snare for hi-hat on the double-time beat, but this cover worked in every way that “Southern blues rock” covers almost always don’t. This was “Whipping Post,” not Blues Hammer. Even the band was visibly pleased with how they sounded; frontman Paul Meany let out a deserved “Alright” when they finished.

Check out the whole four-song set, also featuring a rendition of their 2009 single “Spotlight,” which has a great rhythm-guitar line on the bridge thanks to Roy Mitchell-Cárdenas. And for more on MUTEMATH go to

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