The T.O. Show – Episode 9 – All Aboard!


Boat trip! If The Love Boat taught us anything, it’s that so much can happen on one little cruise.

This week’s episode of The T.O. Show is best recapped with pictures of Kita’s many facial expressions and her quotes. Because there were a lot of priceless faces and one-liners on this ship, leading to a priceless moment between Kita and Joe.

T.O. surprises Mo and Kita with a trip to thank them for all their hard work (i.e. the pee-disposing, and getting him acting gigs with Stacey Dash). “This is the first time we’ve all taken a trip together, and it might be the last,” Kita says. Kita has no idea that the trip is going to be a cruise though, and T.O. explains “If there’s one thing that Kita hates, it’s boats and water.”

Dun dun dunnnnn!
“I don’t do water. I’m a black girl, I don’t swim, I don’t want to get my hair wet. I should have known,” Kita says, and then goes through a series of emotions from her first fearful realization that boats are involved

to denial that this is really happening

to begging for a non-water-based vacation

to ohhh Lord, please help me get through this.

Once on board, she forgoes fashion for safety by refusing to take off her life vest.

Boyfriend Joe shows some solidarity (or is he making fun?) by rocking the life preserver too. “We’re in this together,” Joe says. Foreshadowing??

Later, there’s some gratuitous T.O. Euro-Speedo-type action on the beach.

(“They’re not Euro, they’re a no-no.” -Kita)
But it doesn’t last long, because there are dolphins to be swum with. Swam with? Whatever. Flipper don’t care how you say it.
“I don’t know why I didn’t realize that swimming with dolphins meant I actually had to get in the water with them,” Kita says, displaying a lack of understanding for swimming and sea creatures, and making it even worse when she puts a Target bag on her head to act as a bathing cap.

If there’s one thing dolphins in captivity hate (more than the movie The Cove, that is), it’s floating plastic Target bags that fall off people’s heads. At first it seemed like Kita was the only one we had to worry about during the swimming adventure, because she was certainly terrified after Terrell threw her in

but Mo was also not happy to have “fish juice” (a.k.a. sea water) splashed in her face.

Of course the biggest moment of all though was yet to come. During Kita’s birthday dinner on board the ship, big things were afoot.

Like when Joe gave her a pair of shoes to throw people off the scent of what he was REALLY about to give her. A ring.

I know you can’t see it, but this ring was rotating. That was one fancy box.
The proposal shocked Mo.

And T.O. looked giddy as Joe popped the question (that is, when he wasn’t falling out of his chair).

But no one was more surprised than Kita, who said yes.

But Mo sensed some sadness in him after Kita and Joe went back to celebrate in their tiny cabin.

Now that Kita’s done gone and gotten herself engaged, T.O. admits he is a little upset. “It just hit me,” he says. “Now I’m gonna be all alone.” And if that wasn’t heart-wrenching enough, of course we have to fade out on a bittersweet montage of T.O. and Kita and all the moments they’ve had which make it seem like they really did share an unrequited love. I don’t know how to feel about any of this now! And with only one episode left this season, I feel like I’m not going to know how to feel for a while.

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