Tough Talk From Steve Ward: Episode 5


Master Matchmaker Steve Ward is back for a third season of Tough Love, and this time he’s traveled south to Miami where the heat is definitely on. Steve will be giving us his thoughts on every episode, and this week, we talk about the sexy photo shoot and samba dancing he surprised the ladies with.

So, this week’s episode.

Sexy photo shoot!

Yep! I want to ask first about Brigette though. Were you worried that she was too drunk on her date?

She’s a 32-year-old woman, she can do whatever the hell she wants.

Did the other women ganged up on her too much for being drunk?

I think it’s the perfect example of what happens when girls are out with other girls. Girls will be girls, that’s what I say! It’s a real life situation we have right there, it happens all the time!

Do you think the booze was like truth serum for her and made her typical too-fast, too-soon conversation style even worse than usual?

What do they say…”Drunk words are sober thoughts.”

Beyond her self-confidence conversations and the marriage stuff, she really dwelled for an unusual amount of time on her hair, too.

She was constantly talking about her hair the whole G—damn season!

What was her hangup there?

They are very particular about how they like their hair to look, Brigette and Christine, they were both extremely, EXTREMELY self-conscious without their hair all season. It was a lot worse than we’re even showing on camera. It took up so much time and attention in every single scene that I had to call them out and be like “Enough about your hair! I’ve had enough of it.”

And Leilani had a big tantrum this week, why do you think she took such ownership of the concept of wearing a tank top and no one else could wear it?

She’s looking at this thing like it’s a competition. And it’s not! But she turns it into one. And it’s a projection of how she looks at life and relationships in general, it’s from her pageant days and all the modeling, it’s all a competition. Her entire life was based on that. She perceived it as being just like if another girl wore the same gown as her in the Miss Great Britain contest, give me a break.

Why did Claudia wear that fishnet top when she’s already gotten negative fishnet feedback in the past? Was it just because Leilani basically forced her to think of something new?

Yes, she didn’t know what else to wear. That fishnet thing was Avonte‘s.

Yes, I noticed that it looked like the same thing from Avonte’s Facebook photo, it was weird to see Claudia wear it after everyone already gave such negative comments, and I mean, it’s not a good look.

No! It is not! Why do you think these girls are in this bootcamp?

Was it her top or her porn-y poses that made it worse?

Oh, when she was whipping her hair around and trying to look like a tiger or something, it was uncomfortable. It wasn’t appropriate sexy. She was trying to project what she thought men think is sexy. It was a sexy photo shoot, not a raunchy photo shoot.

All these women had the free will to wear whatever they wanted —

Yes! They do have free will, that’s what’s so funny, it’s like, do whatever you want to do. Why did Jane try to take her top off?

Right! What was going through your mind watching Jane struggle so much?

Jane was trying to make it look like she was holding her bra to her chest and clutching it like she was vulnerable and scared and that’s what she was going for. I thought it was clumsy and awkward and I think every guy there thought the same exact thing. It was ill-conceived.

It just seemed to go so horribly wrong.

You don’t even know how long it took! We were just waiting for her to deal with it until Michelle got out there and helped her, it was painfully long.

Were you surprised at how well Christine did during the samba challenge? Is she actually getting over some of her issues?

She bonded with her date before she went up there, that’s what it was. If she hadn’t made a connection, it would have been much more difficult. She demonstrated confidence and came off sexy. It’s not a very complicated formula but the women have a hard time with it.

Did you tell the women to bring certain sexy clothes with them? The only thing I could think of during this challenge was Michelle, I was like “Who goes to bootcamp with a baseball shirt, matching underpants, and baseball socks?”

I don’t prepare them a list, but imagine it’s like going away to sleepover camp for a month, I imagine the camp director gives these girls a list of what to pack in order to be with us for a month. I don’t know exactly what’s on that list, I’m more like the person overseeing the whole camp itself, but you’re right, she just had it with her. I never thought about that!

Do you ever have a personal preference for who should win a challenge?

I try to keep my personal opinion out of it. I base it all on merit alone. And I know too much about them to be able to consider them sexy. [Laughs]

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