Tuned In: Who Sang It Better? Demi Lovato vs. Zooey Deschanel In The World Series National Anthem Sing-Off


It’s settled, then; last night’s World Series Game 5 saw Demi Lovato take to the field to belt out the National Anthem, and we can begin debating whether she or Zooey Deschanel sang the “The Star Spangled Banner” better. And the winner is… It’s a tie! While both performers stood nervous and rigid as they sang, they both delivered very different, yet both delicately nuanced, vocal performances.

Zooey added her own special brand of sweetner to the Francis Scott Key jam with her dulcet tones and pixie girl charm, while Demi had all the big notes and soaring sentimentality. It would be unfair of us to deem one better than the other, in much the same way we’d never want to choose between vanilla and strawberry ice creams. Vanilla is a classic, like Demi’s voice: grand, bold and timeless; but strawberry is so sweet, like Zooey: relateable, fanciful and a little bit naughty. We’ll have a scoop of both, thanks!

That said, we want to hear what YOU think:

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By Kat George

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