Amy Winehouse’s Official Cause Of Death? Alcohol Poisoning


After months of speculation and gossip, a British coroner has today revealed that Amy Winehouse’s death was the result of alcohol poisoning. After the 27 year-old’s unexpected and sudden death back on July 23, many assumed that her passing was a result of an illegal drug overdose, and Mitch Winehouse, Amy’s father, even went as far as to assert that her death was brought on by a drug and alcohol withdrawal-related seizure.

However, with this morning’s coroner’s report, we learn that Winehouse’s passing is being officially categorized in England as “death by misadventure.” (Interestingly enough, the 1969 death of original Rolling Stones guitarist Brian Jones—who, along with Winehouse, is a member of the infamous 27 Club—was also the result of “death by misadventure.”) Winehouse’s blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level was an astronomical 0.416 (!), over five times the legal driving limit in London (0.08). Regardless of the manner in which she lost her life, the plain truth of the matter is that we lost Amy Winehouse far, far too soon. Rest in peace, Amy.

Amy Winehouse Died After Drinking Too Much Alcohol, Coroner Says [ArtsBeat/NYT]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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