Ton Of Cash: The Big Winner


It was the final challenge on Ton Of Cash this week, and the remaining four contestants had to complete a Vegas scavenger hunt to determine the winner. While poor, bruised vegan Vanessa was eliminated early on, it was up to the final three, Rusty, Justin and Amie, to find as many bricks as possible inside the Hard Rock Hotel using only a luggage trolley, a working knowledge of the elevator banks in the hotel, and their cunning ways. If the editing is to be believed, Amie beat Rusty in the challenge by mere moments to take home the fraction of the ton of cash that remained. What do you think, faithful fans? Did Amie deserve the win? She did sacrifice her vagina twice for the good of the game, so I’m going to support her win, but what do you think?

To all the other players, (you’re all winners in my book!) you worked hard and I’m sorry for your defeat. But if I may leave you with a parting thought, it would be this:

Small consolation, I’m sure, but perhaps some wisdom can be gleaned from it. And really, wisdom is the best prize of all, and it weighs a lot less than a ton. Love, your friendly recapper, Confucius.

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