Ton Of Cash: The Six Best Moments That You Didn’t See


Ton Of Cash is over now, but we can’t get over how many crazy little moments there were over the course of the season. From Jonny‘s crazy “Animal” and Rocky performances to Amie‘s hookups to Justin being Justin, this cast was never without hilarity, drama, and shock value in equal doses. While there are plenty of moments that we’re all familiar with by now (see: Jonny’s “Animal,” Amie’s hookups, and Justin being Justin) there are a bunch that were left on the cutting room floor that we think are even more entertaining than what was onscreen. Allow us to present our very favorite bonus scenes of the season. First up, a deeper look at the girls-only spin-the-bottle session from episode four in the clip above.

2) In this next clip, check out some behind the scenes confessionals that didn’t make it into episode one.

3) Chuck and Jonny were both up for elimination in episode four. Check out this practical joke that Chuck was going to play on the rest of the group if he ended up being sent home.

4) We saw Willy Gilley in a g-string already, but check him out as he gives tiny little Ashley a lap dance in this bonus clip from episode two.

5) Jonny was the California state champ in arm wrestling, but Chuck, who doesn’t like to lose at anything, thinks he can take him.

6) In episode six, we noticed Amie wearing a teeny-tiny top in one scene and wondered how on earth she managed to not fall out of it. Turns out, it was Ashley’s tiny top that she borrowed and in addition to her boobs, she’s got some moves to show off too.

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