Why Am I Still Single?! Episode 3 – Siggy Flicker And Co. Discuss Sergio And Grace


Matchmaker Siggy Flicker and her team of stylists and recruiters are experts in the field of dating, and each week on Why Am I Still Single?!, they take on two new clients to help them rehab their image from the inside out. Siggy, her twin stylists Jenn and Jamie, and her love pickers, Hayley, Chynna, and Victor, will be giving us a weekly look at their clients and they issues they’re up against. This week, nebbishly nervous Sergio and angry, aggressive Grace.

First, I chatted with Siggy about her clients.

I’m assuming you still haven’t heard back from Grace, since she bailed on you at the end of the episode?

Grace actually did reach out right after the show and she said she said Siggy, I really respect you and understand what you’re trying to tell me, and I’d like to meet someone, but I thought that going on this show meant you’d match me with somebody. So, you know, she was cast on the show, but didn’t get what she wanted out of it. However, Grace knows what her issues are, she understands that she is judgmental and she comes across as a bully, she’s a Debbie Downer. During her date with Sergio, she felt good about herself by degrading him and she talked about sad topics, and she was sarcastic and mean. She judges a book not by a cover, but by the size of its package. She only cares about sex and having sex with a man with a large…private area.

Did you address her sex issues in your lesson with her?

Yes, the fact that she stood up and asked Sergio to turn to the side so she could see, it was as if she was saying I don’t like you but if you have a big package I’ll take you home and we’ll have a one-night stand. To me, here’s a person who doesn’t take dating seriously enough. During her lesson, I looked at her and I said to her “Who the hell do you think you are? Why do you think you’re above all? You don’t look like Heidi Klum. But even if you did, even supermodels don’t have the right to judge other people by what they look like, so what is your problem?” I think she was so embarrassed by her actions, that she didn’t want to continue her journey.

Since she didn’t show up for her final meeting with you, we didn’t see her date Jay’s feedback, can you tell me what he thought of her?

Here’s how stupid Grace is: she nailed that date. He wanted to see her again! Grace was so afraid of failure that she doesn’t even realize that her final date was a huge success.

That surprises me a little because he seemed so sarcastic toward her, it was hard to tell if it was playful or not.

He was actually giving her a taste of her own medicine, but it was turning her on. I wanted to match her with somebody who’s going to put her in her place, who was also sarcastic, and they were turned on by each other!

That’s such a missed opportunity.

She was so afraid of changing her ways that she doesn’t realize it.

Sergio on the other hand, was so awkward.

Yes, Sergio has a heart of gold, he’s bright, but he shows up on a date and his energy lacks confidence. He shakes his hands, he stutters, he looks down, and he gives off a nervous energy because he’s so afraid of someone not liking him. My dating lessons with him were about making him understand that it’s okay if somebody doesn’t like you. Who cares? He was an absolute pleasure to deal with, he didn’t know he had these flaws, he wanted to work on them to become a better dater, and he hoped to be in a healthy relationship.

Next, I chatted with Love Pickers, Victor and Chynna.

Since you were used as Grace’s second test date, I’m curious if you can talk to me about how that was for you. How was it interacting with her?

Victor: Being Grace’s second test date was, in one word, BRUTAL!! The girl just has a negative aura surrounding her…First off, I’m obviously not into her whatsoever because I’m in love with Jamie. That being said, even if I was single, I’d have run out of that place like a bat out of hell! Since she’s such an alpha type, I decided I was going to out-play her at her own game, control the conversation, and see how she responds. It was clear that Grace was intimidated, and didn’t quite know how to react. She was most definitely interested, as depicted by the look in her eyes when we made eye contact, the fact she struggled to get any words out, and her body language.

Once she found out I was part of Siggy’s team and that this was only another “test,” she tried to play it off as she wasn’t into it, which was clearly not the case. I found her to be awkward, cold, tough to converse with, and not comfortable in her own skin. She is most definitely NOT the girl you want to bring over for dinner to meet the family!

I’m curious how you go about looking for a match for someone like Sergio and Grace who are such personality extremes – do you just seek to complement them, or do you worry that, like in Grace’s case, especially, she might scare off whoever you find?

Chynna: Eye got such a kick out of Sergio and found him endearing. During my search eye was definitely seeking a woman who would appreciate his candid, abstract quirks so he would feel completely comfortable in her presence and for them to share the same dry “only the two of the would relate to” laughter.
Grace has a unique sense of humor, so my leading man for Grace needed to be a take-charge type of guy, which will check her when she acts up, yet will stick around more than a few hours the morning after she’s turned out all her verbal tricks and enjoy her craziness for many days ahead.

Style Tips From Jenn & Jamie, Siggy’s Twin Stylists:
Tell me about how you feel about man jewelry. I bet most men have no clue how to accessorize, what are your tips?

The Twins: Guy jewelry is okay sometimes. If a guy dresses really simple it’s okay to put on a casual necklace to add some character to his overall look.

Why is too much red for a woman “aggressive” for a first date?

The Twins: Red on a first date is too overpowering! We do think you should wear solid colors on a first date, mainly because it makes you look like a more solid person. But red is just too bright. It doesn’t let the person look at your features.

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