La La’s Full Court Life – Episode 10 – Home Sweet Home


La La‘s still got a few loose ends to tie up before the season of Full Court Life ends, and she’s running all over the city to get things done. (Like being on the cover of a fashion magazine…)

First La La’s got to make a stop at Planet Hollywood to drop off a set of hand prints in cement, but when she goes out with her family and Dice to have a celebratory lunch after, she realizes Po isn’t there to celebrate too.

Miss Po is busy in the recording studio working on her debut track “Super Kinda Psycho Sexy Love”, and that means that she’s not able to spend all her time with La La at the moment, which is disappointing to La La because La La is paying for Po to live in a fancy hotel and be on her reality show, and the least she can do is show up to big events, but in Po’s defense, she has shown up for every other big event La La has had this year, and she’s allowed to sit one out.

These are not people to let the drama linger though, so La La tells Po she was upset and they discuss the situation like real friends would, honestly and bluntly. “You can’t just let me know I need to show up at the last minute,” Po tells La La, and La La retorts sarcastically “Oh, I forgot, your schedule is so busy.”

“That was rude,” Po says and calls out la La for being unsupportive and La La tells Po she’s too sensitive about her music because she’s only produced one track.”It would be different if you were inviting me to things and I could never come,” La La says, a statement that comes back to haunt her later in the episode when she nearly misses Po’s big performance. La La has booked a photo shoot for PYNK, a new fashion magazine, and the shoot is the same day as Po’s first big performance. At first everything seemed fine, but as the shoot ran long, La La started to worry she’d miss Po’s performance (and she only has the one song so it wouldn’t be the longest show anyway).

But as you all know, it’s hard to rush glamour, and La La was being squeezed into one gorgeous outfit after another and time was rushing by.

La La made it to the performance with not a second to spare.

La La has spent ten episodes looking for a new place to live, and finally, that tale has a happy ending too. The girls meet with the realtor at a swanky midtown apartment that’s so “exclusive-exclusive” that it’s not even on the market yet, and not only is it huge, but it has a roofdeck with sweeping views and a negotiable price. And that kitchen!

La La sends the pictures of the place off to Carmelo and before they can even eat their lunch, he’s all in.

Finally, the housing crisis is over. Cheers to THAT!

The family (and full cast of the show) gather on the Anthony’s roof deck for a party to celebrate the fact that they’re no longer homeless and everyone, even Michelle “The Situation” is there. Everything is coming together for everyone, at last!

Later, on the very same roof deck, La La, Carmelo and Kiyan have a portrait session to cement the fact that they’re a New York City family now. That’s one handsome bunch.

Stray thoughts and questions now that the season is over:

– La La never wears underwear?
– We met Michelle, but where’s Lisette?
– How did Trina and Hollywood Hino’s date work out?
– Did anyone ever figure out how that dead black bird ended up in La La’s yard?

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