Shearer’s Spotlight: The Top 10 Videos To Get You In The Trick-or-Treating Mood


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Jim Shearer

Jim Shearer

Halloween is tonight, but if you’re not an adolescent kid daydreaming of packing your pillowcase full of Snickers bars, you’ll probably be out and about looking to celebrate. While you’re stepping into your costume, click on these music videos that will surely entertain the ghoulish music fan within you:

10) Peaches, “Trick Or Treat”
If you’re familiar with Peaches, then you know this trick-or-treating party is for adults only.

9) Lady Gaga, “Telephone”
It’s always Halloween in Gaga’s world; soda cans in her hair only confirms it!

8) Michael Jackson, “Thriller”
I guess I had to include this one, huh?

7) Nine Inch Nails, “Happiness In Slavery”
So disturbing you have to click a button confirming that you’re 18 years of age or older to watch this video on the internet.

6) Korn, “A.D.I.D.A.S.”
Jonathan Davis’ time spent in mortuary school surely inspired this video.

5) Yeah Yeah Yeahs, “Y Control”
If you thought the bloodthirsty kids were savages in Foster The People’s “Helena Beat,” you apparently forgot all about this video.

4) Man Man, “Rabbit Habbits”
A werewolf-inspired love story with some hilarious dialogue between Fred Armisen and Charlyne Yi.

3) Phantom Planet, “Big Brat”
A black-and-white ode to zombie movies of yesteryear. Not only do we get to see the behind-the-scenes preparation, but we also get to see the final product of Phantom Planet’s tribute to B-grade horror flicks.

2) Cage The Elephant, “Around My Head”
Poor Matthew Shultz. He digs up his dead girlfriend and hangs out with her in Weekend At Bernie’s-style only to watch her fall on top of a grill and barbecue out of his life forever.

1) Beastie Boys, “Triple Trouble”
In possibly the funniest video the Beastie Boys ever made, we find out that Sasquatch is not only real, but has a propensity for not letting go of a grduge. The closing dream sequence may also be the greatest trick-or-treating scene in music video history.

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