Justin Bieber Freestyles Over “Otis,” Earns New Respect In Our Eyes


If you were born before the year 1993, it’s probably safe to say that you don’t entirely “get” Justin Bieber. After all, you already graduated past the whole floppy-haired-teen-idol-unrequited-love-affair-kissing-posters-to-sleep-at-night thing and have moved onto other crushworthy objects of desire (Hello, Ryan Gosling? If you’re reading this, call us, beb!). That’s all about to change.

After clicking a link on our Twitter feed earlier today out of morbid curiosity, we were suddenly confronted with Bieber freestyling over the beat from Kayne West & Jay-Z‘s “Otis” on LA’s Power 106 radio station. By now, it’s clear that his singing voice has been irreparably changed by the onset of puberty, but his rapping voice? That’s something else entirely. The Biebs proves himself to be not just an adequate rapper but, dare we say, a skilled MC who’s able to spit pop culture savvy lines like “Thanked Jesus at the awards I’m never going to hell / Call me Zack Morris, I’m saving you by the bell” with bona fide aplomb. Maybe this kid’s 15 minutes aren’t going to expire anytime soon, after all.

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