Kanye West Has An Emo Moment, Gives A Shout-Out To Philly Native (And Ex-GF) Amber Rose


It’s no secret that Kayne West has a lot of emotions and that he likes to talk about them. The dude just feels a lot of things, okay? He’s modern, for crying out loud. And it’s become somewhat of a signature move of his to pause mid-concert to reflect and share, which he did last night at the Philadelphia leg of his (and Jay-Z‘s) Watch The Throne tour.

It was all about heartbreak for Yeezy last night, as between “Runaway” (a song about how much of a jerk he was to Amber Rose) and “Heartless” (possibly a song about how much of a jerk Amber Rose was to him, although it’s speculative), he stopped to shout out to all the couples in the crowd. Saying, “I know love ain’t always easy,” Kanye asked the people of Philly to do him a favor and hold onto their loves “real tight”. He then riffed briefly to “Runaway” before pausing again to thank Philly for “the incredible person this song was made for,” namely, his ex Amber Rose. Looks like someone’s doing a bit of pining. Regrets much, Yeezy?

Despite Kanye’s evident heartache and remorse, he’s got cause to celebrate — the Watch The Throne tour has kicked off to widespread acclaim, with all reviews not only positive but sincerely enthusiastic. AllHipHop declared (following the first show in Atlanta) that, “As of right now, the throne is secured,” while XXL said that Yeezy and Hov “couldn’t have been more regal during their performances.” We’re off to catch the show in DC tonight, so watch this space for our review tomorrow…

Kanye West Thanks Philly for Amber Rose, Days After Wiz Khalifa Does [Billboard]

[Photo: Getty Images]

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