T.I. And Tiny: The Family Hustle To Premiere December 5 at 9 PM ET


It’s been a couple of months since T.I.‘s release from prison, and at long last, the reality series that he’s been working on since his release is here. T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle will feature T.I.’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle and their children for an inside look at the private and professional life of the Grammy-winning artist. “In this family documentary, you will see the challenges of raising children while balancing a career,” T.I. says. “It’s like a lot of families, only our home is in the spotlight.” For more info about the show, and a picture of their gorgeous kids, read on.

New Series Premiering Monday, December 5th at 9PM* on VH1

New York, NY –November 9, 2011- VH1 is about to give America an in-depth look into the world of multi-platinum recording artist T.I. in the new series “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle,” premiering on December 5, 2011 at 9PM ET.

Viewers will get a behind-the-scenes look at the most private moments of the Grammy-winning artist as he is reunited with his wife, Tameka (a.k.a Tiny), and his children following a 12 month prison sentence that was completed several months ago.

The new series follows the “King of the South” at his most vulnerable, as T.I. re-acclimates back into his life as a father, husband, son, musician, apparel magnate, businessman, actor and best-selling author (Power & Beauty).

During filming of a music video, the audience will catch a tender moment as T.I. teaches his son the importance of education and doing his school work. For the first time, fans will get to know T.I.’s children and see their reactions as they realize their father is a member of Hip Hop royalty. T.I. even begins to instruct his eldest son, Domani on the secrets to putting on a great concert performance and allows Domani (aka T-Money) show off his skills in front of a crowd of 3,000 at the Scream Tour.

“Tameka and I have a strong, loving family,” said T.I. “In this family documentary, you will see the challenges of raising children while balancing a career. It’s like a lot of families, only our home is in the spotlight.”

Viewers will also catch a glimpse into the very loving and always fascinating relationship between T.I. and his wife Tameka, who has faithfully stood by T.I.’s side through his highs and lows and who herself was a former member of the ’90s Grammy-winning pop group Xscape. The mother of two of T.I.’s children, along with her own fifteen-year-old daughter, Tameka was forced to hold down the fort while T.I. was behind bars. Viewers also are introduced to the OMG GIRLZ, a new up-and-coming pop group that Tameka manages. Tune in to see T.I. back on his throne, as he reclaims his kingdom, rebuilds his businesses, and reconnects with his family and friends on “T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” premiering on VH1 December 5th at 9PM*.

“T.I. & Tiny: The Family Hustle” is created and executive produced by 51 Minds’ Cris Abrego, Christian Sarabia, Rabih Gholam and Ben Samek (CAPI), as well as Category 5 Entertainment’s Brian Sher and Stella Bulochnikov (“T.I.’s Road to Redemption”). For VH1, the series is executive produced by Jill Holmes, Kristen Kelly and Jeff Olde.

[Photos: VH1/Piotr Sikora]

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  1. Stacy Simon says:

    I support TI and Tiny and I feel that what they’re doing as a couple is positive and whoever doens’t like are straight haters. I want the best for them and I want them to prosper in Jesus Name I just don’t want him to get locked up again and miss out on those gorgeous children beign without their dad, everybody looks good and happy and that;’s what every family should be. The difference is, is that there family is stupid rich and we work from pay check to pay check so I pray that our family will be blessed to :) TI keep making music, money and Tiny keep supporting your husband and be the best wife, mother and friend may God Bless All of you. Stacy From Washington DC

  2. Raven says:

    cant wait till it airs. will be tuning in.

  3. HI
    Glad to know you two love birds are back together wishing you much luck on your new show
    Tiny I watched you and Toya on your Show i enjoyed every week One part I never forgot about
    your father alzheimer.

    m mom had it about twenty two years I know What you and family going through tell your mom may God help her to stay strong.I know that you and Ti are strong T
    evertime i see you on the news or just singing or a movie i know you are one strong youg man
    I going to tell you this Keep God first And he wll Guide your Path This is what I tell my Grown Children. Keep the Good Work up Will be looking forward seeing you Dec.5th

  4. jazmyne says:


  5. Geneva says:

    I absolutely love these two and I can not wait until the show airs!!! Best wishes to you guys and good luck with everything!!
    Geneva, from New Jersey

  6. CHERYL says:


  7. alex d says:

    i am so glad that this show is coming out! i will be glued to the tv on 12/5/11 @ 5pm. i will let everyone know on facebook!!!!!!!!!

  8. kayla winkfield says:

    I just wanna say that i can not wait till da show airs dec,5 2011 its gonna be great to see da whole family coming together as a family,and i truly wanna say thank god he blessed him home,so i hope dis time he will stay out of trouble least i hope he do lol,neway i wanna say to da family may god bless u all and im happy to see such a great family come together living life to da fullest !

  9. Yvonne says:

    I cant wait to see their new show, I love T.I and Tiny. Best wishes

  10. aretha says:

    I will be watching! I feel like they’er the one who can make it :)

  11. Janisha Lax says:

    TeeHee .. I Can’tt Waitt To See The New T.I And Tiny Show .. Itss Gne Be A Blastt In The Glass !

  12. they call me jay de niro.. iam just a big fan of tip.

  13. Reina Galdamez says:

    Usually don’t leave any comments on this type of things but I really love this show. I’ve been ahuge TIP fan since that first heard him back in 03 (he’s d reason Im in the south) lol. Anyways I love this family and how they interact with each other. Tiny is so funny and witty and TI is just trying to be the best husband and daddy he can be. That’s wassup!! God Bless You guys and your family and good luck with the show!!!

  14. i love the t.v show t.i and tiny o omg girls cumin a long way yea i think it is right for ur lil girl to have a b.f

  15. shamega says:

    im a big fan! ,# happy valentines day

  16. oshena johns says:

    hey ti and tiny i love your show but tiny you to old to be talking about a baby and wop them kids butt please

  17. taiana says:

    omggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! great family why cant i be apart of it yall would love me king is so cute see me in a few years so we can make plans

  18. Deborah Miller says:

    TI I love the way you raise your childern You are the Father and I respect that my favorite episode was the one on secrets keep being the real Father God created you to be. Big ups Young Man Your The Man !! :} :)

  19. Ms.Ava says:

    Thank you T.I. for your powerful show.

  20. Ms.Ava says:

    T.I. I just want to thank you for being the POWERFUL Father that you are.
    The episode where you talked w your daughter about not giving up her ‘sugar’ is POWERFUL.
    I’ve raised my granddaughter since she was 2. she’s 13 now. Her father (my son) is in her life when he can, so your guidance w your daughters on dating (not to date) at a young age was huge! IT HIT HOME! Millions of families, single mothers and fathers need your powerful word of guidence, T.I. I hope that your show aires eternally. T.I. your millions of viewers lookk forward to your show for fun, guidence, entertainment, and knowledge of the words to say to our youths ( young females) to teach them that school, college and YOUR OWN MONEY
    is THE WAY!
    And to Tiny, you’ve got yourself a hell-of-a-Man. A hell-of-a-Father to the children.
    I thank you T.I. for giving the millions of viewers that watch your show the helpful
    knowledge / wisdom on hearing from you things that young people can hear and relate to to do the right things in life.
    Kisses, Ava

  21. kania says:

    hi mama and daddy what are you doing i want to come back to live with you because where I am at they keep yelling me for no reason so can you come get me at loma del rey in Denton Texas

  22. tarjae harris says:

    T.I and Tiny Harrris you are my uncle and aunt