Tough Love Miami Star Steve Ward Answers Fan Questions: Finding A Man Of A Certain Age


Earlier this season, we put out a call to fans of Tough Love Miami, asking you to submit whatever dating questions they have for the show’s resident expert and Master Matchmaker, Steve Ward. We’ll be posting Steve’s responses to all those questions here on the VH1 Blog throughout the season, so check back each week to see if your question was one of the chosen ones. This week, Steve advises an older dater on what her best options are for finding a man her own age.

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  1. lisa says:

    First time I watched this…If I were a man I would vomit from these women. No wonder so many men prefer to be gay. Never thought I would think that but in the last several years I am beginning to understand why…These ladies are all too made up with heavy make-up and impacted with requisite implants that are too noticeable for their frame, the host’s mother is so botoxed and implanted and stuffed in to her clothing like a sausage… she is the type any mensch or a man with any class would run from, just run from…What is it about MTV, VH1 that portrays these cartoon people? Also, all the women on your shows are packing unhealthy weight that makes them look porcine. The men are no better. really ugly and too many tattoos, just awful. I knowthere is a dearth of handsome hunky men but this is pathetic.

    All these show’s women talk with that Vallery Girl speech… Anyone with any class would never sound like these reality people do. They all are as shallow and dull as popcorn and cotton candy, they are so fake..Whoever the make-up artist is has such a heavy hand and these girl’s natural beauty is concealed then. They all look desperate as women are today. We are living in the Age of Misogyny. Men hate women for various reasons some justifiable others not. Dating and dumping becomes a pattern, a strategy to remain in control. Men today feel so inadequate. Many indeed are, others are just made to feel this way by overly competitive women. Women are in a contest with men today and men resent it. On the other hand, men have really wimped out on today’s stronger women.There is truth in the two versions.

    If you would like to hear more and learn an idea for a new VH1 show that looks into these important issues you may contact me.

    All of these people come across as such airheads. One can see how you are pandering to and trying to engage the most low class type of people to watch your shows. None of your shows elevate people in any way. These shows are for people of the lowest common denominator. Symptomatic of everything that is wrong and downgrade in American culture. The fact that these programs continue to reinforce this low level of behavior and certain “types”, is the reason it is so wrong.

    We are in a time when programming should elevate our young people not continuously demean and degrade them by reinforcing and glamorizing people that are fat, overweight, dumb, coarse, dull, unevolved, uninspired, conformist, trashy, ugly, unhealthy, shallow, suprficial, obnoxious, annoying, irritating, silly, non-individualistic, crass, commercial, embarrassing, pathetic and a waste of valuable time which is slipping away as the American people zone in front of the TV night after night consuming this commercial hackneyed, obnoxious, insulting television programming.

    Can you do better?

    Let’s see what you can come up with in the coming years that really offers valuable television that teaches us something while also being entertaining and that doesnt demean women to this level.