If You Think You Know Chrissy Lampkin Of Love And Hip Hop, Think Again: “There’s No Way You Know Me,” She Tells Us


Chrissy Lampkin put her life out there for all to see on season one of Love And Hip Hop, and in this exclusive interview, Chrissy opens up about her love for Jim Jones and how there are a lot more layers to her than what we saw in season one. “I proposed to Jimmy because I wanted him to know how I felt…and that I was going to go outside of the ordinary because the love we have is outside the ordinary,” Chrissy told us. But when she talked about having fans who feel like they know her after seeing her personal drama go down, she corrects that theory, explaining “There’s no way you know me after eight thirty-minute episodes, please don’t be fooled.” We’re hoping to get to know Chrissy much better now that the show has been extended to sixty minutes. Season two of Love And Hip Hop premieres Monday, November 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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