If You Think You Know Chrissy Lampkin Of Love And Hip Hop, Think Again: “There’s No Way You Know Me,” She Tells Us


Chrissy Lampkin put her life out there for all to see on season one of Love And Hip Hop, and in this exclusive interview, Chrissy opens up about her love for Jim Jones and how there are a lot more layers to her than what we saw in season one. “I proposed to Jimmy because I wanted him to know how I felt…and that I was going to go outside of the ordinary because the love we have is outside the ordinary,” Chrissy told us. But when she talked about having fans who feel like they know her after seeing her personal drama go down, she corrects that theory, explaining “There’s no way you know me after eight thirty-minute episodes, please don’t be fooled.” We’re hoping to get to know Chrissy much better now that the show has been extended to sixty minutes. Season two of Love And Hip Hop premieres Monday, November 14 at 9 p.m. ET/PT.

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  1. elle webb says:

    i love chrisshe handed homegirl an ass whooping>ha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! glad she got her butt kicked,she’s a groupie “dated” fab no more like a jump off and now shes with Juelz. cHRISSY saw right thru her and let her know, I LOVED IT AND I OVE CHRISSY, gotta respect her gaNGSTa

  2. Mich, lle says:

    I saw the fight and I have two opinions about that. I think Kimbella should have had the conversation with Emily privately instead of putting the info out in front of all the “women.” That way she and Emily could have squashed that between them. She was a lady for being up front with the Emily before trying to befriend her (we don’t want a repeat of Tammy and Evelyn of Basketball Wives about dating someone’s ex). Chrissy, I think is a little too hot headed. She could have defended Emily with a much more tact then she used. I understand she felt like she was defending her friend, but she went too far with the drama, as usual. The show will be a success without all of the nonsense that is portrayed from week to week. Show some of us, especially the younger generations, that Hip Hop is about more than thugging, cursing, and fighting.

  3. SIR says:

    I agree with Mich,lle’s statement, but I understand Chrissy’s attitude she was standing up for her girl. Was it right maybe not, but do show another side of HIP/HOP by not fighting, being gangsta, etc. so that the young people coming will have respect foe themselves and others!


  4. SIR says:

    I meant in the last line the young people coming up in the future will have respect for themselves and others! SIR

    Excuse the misspelled words and grammar from the before statement!

  5. Hi chrissy i love watching you you are soooooooooooooo real and positive

  6. Lmoore says:

    Chrissy wears a cross around her neck but her lifestyle seems to be the complete opposite. All she shows me about hip hop is that its a life of cursing and fighting. No spirituality at all which is what the cross symbolizes. We have one NeNe, is another really necessary?

  7. I get Chrissy and maybe I don’t know her but quite the contrary I feel she that the outcome of her struggles leaves her very guarded & protective. Devoted to the people she care for & love I’m sure their pain she can feels penetrating the very depth of her soul when they hurt and joy likewise. Her friends are her family and I would fight for them too especially when you offend them and me (or in this case Chrissy) by your so called conscience choice of their action. Thoughtful will have a more positive impact but definitely thoughtless and lack of tact will get u a beat down!!! Keep on being u Ms Lampkin……I stand with u….. Jim made a great choice in you!!!!!!

  8. Lmoore respectfully u have the right to say whateva u feel but I think ur spiritual comment about Chrissy necklace is totally off base!!!!! U lack & sound a lil self righteous……..Chrissy relationship with God or anythg else for that matter is between her and them……Ur clueless though I commend u on bringing the acknowledgement to her attention……dah!!!

  9. J"9 says:

    Please…this woman is just as messy as Evelyn Lozado and Tami Roman…they should all get a show….and see who could out swear, scream and fight the best…I used to love Chrissy, but the whole JEALOUSY thing with Yandi was outrageous. She should be ashamed…she’s not a real woman either! No one wants to know the real you…oh, my bag, you were acting! SMDH!

  10. morshalee says:

    yes you’re right..we don’t really know u but wat we’ve seen is dat ur a big mouth bully..dat we see n know.. we are judging u from ur action..so don’t be mad take responsibility for ur actions..real talk..your ACTION NOT SOME ONE ELSE “YOURS”…htt://larust.blogspot.com

  11. I tried everything to get the man I love, he married me. It was the way, I were that he said yes lets get married. Did you try everything for Jim to say he want to married you. Ever television show you could think about I witness you put on jim. I saw you put the brown and pink on the females in Miami Fl at the table meaning these females watch me and ask questions about my relationship looking at you the movie what lie beneath Jim act as if they were not present because your message was told from you chrissy those woman would never be able to be with your man after that message to him.

  12. U right says:

    ok u right we dont know u but my opinion u a loyal friend kimbella shouldnt said what she said to emily at a toast like really but I truley thinks emily should of whipped her ass tho but its cool and she did apolyize u and u didnt except but its all cool cuz sometimes its hard to forgive somebody speacially some1 who is beneath u. Im not sure but yandy and u so cant speak on that and I dont think anybody should vioce their opinion bout something they do not know also I think it was so sweet how jim Jones surpise u at miami and propose even tho it took him long enough lol I dont think u was wrong for proposeing first cuz sometime ppl should try something different enjoy ur happily life mamas

  13. syreeta says:

    excuses shut up!! she is mizzzerable!!! next!!!!!

  14. syreeta says:

    Team YAnDY!!!!

  15. darlene says:

    Who wants to know her????

  16. VMc says:

    I don’t promote violence but Chrissy is my girl and down to earth. I just wish you could meet up with Evelyn Lozado on Basket ball wifes and spank that ass so she can quit thinking she is so hard

  17. RENEE N LAVACHE says:

    Chrissy needs to handle her own business. The person she was out there slapping kimbella for is back with her man. The man who showed her no respect. So why you think you need to fight other people battle. You need to use that energy on learning how to respect Jim’s mother. You are acting all fake like you like and care about her since he mentioned about marriage. Have no idea what kinda of proposal that was. I also think you seem to jealous the relationship jim and yandi have. You need to eat some humble pie and take that chip off your shoulder. Grow up you are way too old for all that fighting. By the way you dress nicely. ONLY THINK I LIKE ABOUT YOU AND WELL THE FACT YOU THOUGHT AFTER MANY YEARS HE NEEDED TO MAKE A COMMITMENT BUT ARE YOU IN IT FOR LOVE????????????

  18. Cad says:

    This unfrotunately is the price you pay when you become a public figure, people assume they now know you. ( the trickery of TV) Be patient with the public if they embrace you, they are just finding and identifying themselves in your visual. You appear to be a smart and wise young lady don’t play your cards wrong, this could be a profitable outlet for you. Treat your fans with the utmost respect, setting boundaries but understanding none of this would be possible without the public. Growth is painful…………

  19. linda says:

    keep being you Chrissy, love you girl!!!!

  20. Traci says:

    I will not watch,This thang is the Devil,pure evil.yea we know you,you showed us you.

  21. Angell says:

    I love Chrissy and Jimmy for real! hrissy keep doin what you doin!

  22. Just wanna say that u need to start acting like a women and not a hoodrat and always thinking u could beat everybody ass cause sombody gonna put u on ur ass and then u can call ur man and tell him u got ur ass whoop lmmfao but get it together girl.

  23. veshti says:

    If Chrissy Lampkin is anything like what we witnessed on TV, who wants to get to know her better; Chrissy gets off on downgrading and disrepecting other women. Chrissy rants and raves and wants her way at all times; Young women watching that show do not need to see her hot temper and hear her potty mouth. People need to realize that most people aren’t willing to sit back and take an ass whipping; people use weapons when they feel backed against the corner. Chrissy Lampkin encourages young women to fight their arch rivals with the expectation of no real repercussions in view. That is setting a bad example Chrissy, you just don’t jump on people just because you don’t like them or like what they say to you. When women are so willing to fight other women at the least provocation that usually means that they have been abused by men; why on earth would another woman want to hurt another woman? Chrissy Lampkin must find another outlet for your past hurts.

  24. md20/20 says:


  25. karen J says:

    I love you because you are real and your going to speak your mind what is a great quality about you is your friendship and loyalty to your friends and family and how you stick by your man no matter what so keep doing what you do lady..God is in the blessing business

  26. Mo-Betta says:

    I think Chrissy is crazy…I liked her at the begining of the season, real, down to earth, strong, pretty..But her attitude is very ugly….She talks a good game, a grown woman fighting and carrying on..No we don’t know her personally but you made the decision to air your dirty laundry..Actions always speak louder than words and your actions speak much about your character. Loyal yes and thats cool but you need to surround yourself with some grounded older mature ladies that are drama free and know how to defuse situations, just not a good look. Still love you and I wish you and jim the best. Humble yourself, Being humble is not a sign of weakness. Be blessed & stay Beautiful.

  27. dianna hoskin says:

    i hope jim marrie her because she love him more than he know, to bad you got a street man to be in love with he dont know how to lve thay love the game.

  28. dianna hoskin says:

    chrissy is a nice looking but the way you act for your age is not lady like give our young ladys something to go by.when is the wedding now i hear talk about a baby where is the ring dont worry i got my ring five years ago.with the papers.