Love And Hip Hop Star Chrissy Lampkin Fine After Bus Hits Her Truck


Love And Hip Hop‘s Chrissy Lampkin had a potentially scary evening last night when she reported on Twitter that her truck had been hit by a New York City bus. Lampkin wrote yesterday “OoOh hell NO !!!!!!!! A NYC bus just hit my truck. Sooooo not happy right now ?.” She later wrote “My neck and my back !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” which concerned us that she had actually been hurt.

Our initial worry that Chrissy was injured in the accident was tempered by the fact that Chrissy immediately started joking with concerned fans on Twitter later. She responded to one fan by writing “I’m ok BUt I think my mole fell off !!!!!!LMAO !!!!!!!!” and then confirmed that it she’s fine now but her truck is “Miss’n some paint…but I’m good.” We’re sorry she lost some paint, but it’s clear she hasn’t lost her sense of humor. Maybe the accident and her subsequent trip to Maaco will be featured on season two…
[Photo: Getty Images]
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