Love And Hip Hop 2 – Episode 1 – Sometimes Love Isn’t Enough


Welcome back, Love And Hip Hop! We pick up this season roughly where we left off, but within minutes, we’re in the midst of new battles, new alliances and new enemies. At least these women can fight and, in Kimbella’s words, “still look pretty.”

Any of the following situations would be a BIG DEAL under normal circumstances for a human being, but just being on Love and Hip Hop means your life is not full of normal circumstances. So let’s go through each of the plotlines from episode one in order of severity just to prove how high the stakes are on this show.

YOU WOULD THINK that watching Somaya and Olivia work their respective grinds and meet with their managers to further their careers would be dramatic enough on its own. Somaya, who looks like a boss as she walks down the street with manager, Maurice, in tow,

now has a tequila brand and an investor that she needs to keep happy. Maurice has always given me the heebie-jeebies since last season, and this season is no different, he’s a little inept and has focused more on the tequila than on the music, and Somaya’s investor isn’t happy about that.

Olivia is also dealing with manager troubles but not because Rich Dollaz is inept, but because he’s tough on her. She’s intent on doing things her way at this stage in her career because up until now, she’s always gone with the flow and done what she’s been told.

She’s finally got a place of her own and she’s blossoming, but as Rich says, “I’m really looking to make some money instead of spending it.” She’s looking for a big record label to make a deal with because (L’oreal moment) she thinks she’s worth it, but Rich says “If we don’t get a label deal soon, all of this is gonna be for naught.” The clock’s a-tickin’.

YOU WOULD THINK that a woman breaking up with her significant other (and the father of her child) and then telling her daughter about this momentous life change would be the biggest thing to happen to a person in this hour. YOU WOULD THINK THAT. And that’s exactly what Emily does when she makes the ultimate decision to leave Fabolous and get her own place. But that is the LEAST shocking thing to happen this week. Emily actually has a lovely moment with her daughter, Taina, as she explains that she’s moving on with her life (though she never explains the dirty details as to why, exactly, she’s leaving him).

Emily might still be vulnerable, but unlike last season, she’s empowered. Well, at least until Kimbella drops a bomb on her. More on that later!

YOU MIGHT ALSO THINK that Chrissy and Jim taking a trip to the diamond district would be a huge effing deal because maybe it finally means Jim is ready to commit. Quite the opposite, actually. Turns out, Jim lost the engagement ring Chrissy designed for him last season and they have to order another.

“I understand that mistakes and accidents happen but, um, I’m not feeling good about this one,” Chrissy tells us. So she’s not leaving the store with her own ring, but she IS leaving with a “painkiller,” which is Chrissy’s word for a much-deserved reward for putting up with life’s bulls—. It’s like very expensive, shiny chicken soup for her soul.

IT’S POSSIBLE THAT YOU’D THINK that Jim not buying Chrissy a ring would be the biggest slap in the face that Chrissy could receive from a member of the Jones family this week, but even that’s not very high up on the list of grievances, not when you have a woman like Mama Jones in your life. Last season, Chrissy and Nancy Jones exchanged quite a few words regarding their mutual love for Jim, but they’re both…possessive of him, to say the least. Mama Jones has a lot of anger and emotion built up toward Chrissy, and to express her thoughts without using aggression or violence, she resorts to recording a diss track and releasing it online.

And thus, the bar is set for all other bad mother-in-law relations. You might think you have it rough, but does your MIL record diss tracks about you entitled “Psychotic”? I didn’t think so. Mama Jones goes to her friend Freddie’s place to record the song and “let it all out.”

Everything’s going swimmingly for Chrissy at home one day until Olivia calls to tell her about the track. Chrissy listens to it but Jim refuses.

“I don’t want nobody to f— up my day so I’m not gonna watch it,” Jim says and goes for a walk around the driveway.

He’s not getting off that easily though. Chrissy makes him watch and I’m glad I don’t have to live with these two.

“It don’t make me feel right and I know it definitely don’t make you feel good,” Jim tells Chrissy and I feel like this is the first time we’ve actually seen Jim side with Chrissy instead of just letting the two women duke it out. “You’re not acting like a mother should act in this situation,” Jim tells us.

SOMEONE, NOT YOU BECAUSE YOU KNOW BETTER BY NOW, BUT SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT THINK that, this being the first episode where we’re meeting the new women, Kimbella and Yandy, would make them underdogs, that they wouldn’t be the cause of so much drama right off the bat, but this is where you would be the most wrong of all.

First there’s Yandy, who is Jim’s manager and she’s buddies with Chrissy. At least for now. Yandy does things like pick Chrissy up to go for a ride to Jim’s show

and invite the girls to the launch party of her jewelry line. Yandy is friends with Kimbella, who’s “the woman of Juelz Santana,” one of Jim’s bandmates. Despite that connection, Chrissy and Kimbella have never hung out, and their first opportunity to do so is at Yandy’s party. The first impression that Kimbella makes on the women is that she’s cheeky, but not in the British way.

“I figured maybe she was just really hot,” Olivia said. Chrissy was less forgiving, judging from the look on her face.

These three agree that whatever happened last season is bygones, now they are a unit. That’s good news because there’s safety in numbers.

Kimbella comes over to chat with them all and when she speaks, they’re just as unimpressed with her “space cadet” persona as they were with her “jean panties.” They’re cool enough with Kimbella and Yandy though to allow them to come to Emily’s independence party though, which she’s having in a hotel suite to celebrate the first day of the rest of her single life.

Unfortunately, Kimbella chooses this moment, the moment after the whole group toasts good riddance to that cheating man of hers, to announce that she actually dated Fab three years ago. When Emily was pregnant with her son. So… Timing!

At first Chrissy is like, “Whaaaaat?” and seems like she’s just going to let this play out by Emily’s rules.

And hilariously, Somaya gets up to move because girlfriend has intuition and does NOT want to be in the middle of this, so she’s like “Is this sofa arm taken? Please?”

Emily is too calm and reserved to deal with this news, so on second thought, Chrissy takes matters into her own hands. “You have no regard for what this girl has been through. I just thought it was just mean,” Chrissy says of Kimbella’s poorly-timed admission. And no one gets mean on Chrissy’s friends. So she explodes.

Chrissy punches and kicks Kimbella until she’s pulled off, and even though we’re all secretly cheering a little because everyone loves Emily and how dare Kimbella do this, it’s a scary, scary moment to see Chrissy go off.

And it only makes Emily feel worse.

“Maybe her intentions were good, but her outcome was tasteless, heartless and tacky,” Chrissy says.

If you were Kimbella, what would you do to save face? Apologize? Try to speak to Emily privately? No. If you were Kimbella you’d calmly excuse yourself to fix up your tousled hair in the restroom, and make the comment that will go down in Love And Hip Hop history that you “Still look pretty!”

YOU WOULD THINK Somaya is psyched knowing that finally, the heat is off her, YOU WOULD THINK that all eyes are now on Kimbella, YOU WOULD THINK that what just happened would be a game-changing moment. And finally, you would be right.

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  1. Royaltee says:

    Yes VH1 Love & HipHop2 did not disappoint. Drama city. Chrissy and Jim & Mama Jones!? Wow …Chrissy & Kimbella…Bahahaa she deserved that beatdown…u dont come up into somebody else party and tell them u slept with they’re man even if he is triflin! Em get it together girl, don’t let theses ho’s try n’ play u…Somaya drop ur manager (he don’t got far to fall) and you might have half a chance. Olivia…keep making music till u get the right deal for you and big up for having Chrissy back…always protect the weave!
    luv LHH :-}

  2. Shea says:

    Prissy is so ignorant!!! She is the reason I stopped watching the show last season. She talks so much crap and is so disrespectful and she wonders why she is not married! Get a clue trick.

  3. Shea says:

    Chrissy is so ignorant!

  4. PR Diva says:

    I am still trying to figure out why Chrissy believe her stuff is all together when it clearly evident it is NOT! I have NEVER seen a “lady” who is sooooo immature and childish. She really needs to get HER own live together BEFORE she attempts to make one with Jim Jones. The way she comes at women is so WRONG on so many level . Chrissy get it together!

  5. Lala says:

    Was it me or did u all hear when Kimbella compared her child to Emilys baby in regards to their hair being the same. Was the trick trying to incinuate that maybe Fab was the father to her baby also. Idk Im gonna watch it again…And wassup with Jim Jones losing his engaement ring… come on Jim what u sold it for some weed Chrissy I know u love him but his mom and him losing the ring come on dont be a fool. Learn form Emily gurl….This show started off crazy and did Kimbella rip a whole track off…She got her ass stomped lol….

  6. Da Truth says:

    First off glad too see the show back but i felt like i was watching Basketall Wives of Miami is that not the same thing Evelyn did to Tami. The girl was wrong and let Emily be the judge if she did not want to fight why you fighting Chrissy, it all most looked liked you are or have been going through the same situation with Jim Jones. Please believe if i love my man but he got issues with his momma that is drama throughout i would want peace more than a ring i would leave its only so much a person should accept.

  7. Tangi says:

    WOW— even though the venue was not proper for Kimbella to speak about her and Fab, Emily felt like she did the right thing by leaving him = CONFIRMATION. On to Chrissy, who does that? You so hood why you sucker punch her while she was sitting down-where they do that at? And Kimbella if you know someone is coming at you mama you need to be up and prepared to truly defend yourself.

  8. carolinabronx says:

    Kimbella truly deserved the punch she got be it from Chrissy or Emily (loyal friends)! Yandy really never should have taken her to the soiree, given that she already knew about Kimbella and Fab so shame on her! Mama Jones you are so wrong but being an overprotective mother of two boys guys you have to admit that ish was a bit humorous! Ummhmm Lala I didn’t miss the hair comparison of the two kids either hmm what is she really trying to say… Juelez better get a swab! I’m really glad to see Olivia and Somaya still trying to get that big break! But all in all its extremely entertaining!!!lmao

  9. Ms. T. says:

    All I can say is Kimbella (What kind a name is that?) deserves that beat down. That was the wrong place and wrong time….and the bad thing is she actually thought she was doing her a favor? She is not pretty w all that make-up caked on her face. Big ups to Chrissy for gettin in that azz! Now Mama Jones….is off tha chain and wrong for that lil song/video grow up…Mama Jones!

  10. Maiya says:

    I think the show is great you can see where the loyalty is (Chrissy,Emily,Olvia) Somaya was good get yr game up sweety you run yr mouth just as tall as you are but when it comes down to the get down you run behind closed doors, And Yandy you are a trouble maker and you know it sweety you will be next stop actin bold with Chrissy b4 she bangs you out haha And to top it off I heard Jimmy’s lil comment “What hotel was that from?” you know what that means hoe 4sho!!! Mama jones Im glad you see what yr doing is wrong its beeeeen time to make the peace!! Let that relationship be yr holding yr son back from going to the nxt level!! Of course Mothers have to get along with yr spouse in order to make it and have it right!!!

  11. Patty Dale says:

    Come on Chrissy is a hater, she hates on females she did the same thing to Somya, none of these girls and I use the word girls because I don’t see anyone acting like a lady. Chrissy is miserable because her life is miserable if I man will not pop the question its because he dont want to. Read between the lines then you have the nerve to talk about others. Why are they mad at Kimbella its not like Fab claim the Emily, so how are people suppose to know she was with him. I do like Emily but in life people only do to you what you allow them to. Chrissy need to look into herself why she is so mad. and stop trying to fight people.

  12. Mangolissa says:

    Mama Jones, Mama Jones, Mama Jones she really really reminds me of a crack head, grow up your son is an adult. I think she needs to find a man. Family counseling may do the trick for all 3 of them. I am so happy Chrissy beat that trifling Kimbella girls ass, there is a time and place for everything get some tact Kimbell you groupie@$@$@$!!!##%%%^&&&&*!

  13. Sherri507 says:

    That sucker punch and sneak move was a PUNK move. Square up face-to-face not on some sneak tip besides that battle wasn’t even Chrissy’s, it made Emily look like a you know what……That situation was much deeper that taking up for Emily (which shouldn’t have happened). That seemed like Chrissy had some issues with Kimbella beforehand. I think she handled that situation okay, she said nothing out of whack. She didn’t say she was dating him now she said 3 years ago. Emily agreed that infidelity was an issue with her relationship, women don’t get mad at the female deal with your man or just roll out. Chrissy really made herself look like crazy, more than before. She seems to have a lot of pinned up frustration and hatred and it’s directed at the wrong people. Maybe she will be more chill since she finally got that ring she’s been begging for 4 years.

  14. GMoney says:

    Wow, Kim was definitely wrong doing what she did. But Chrissy is showing why Jim shouldn’t marry her! That was DUMB to put Jim’s money on the line because she can’t control herself!! I see why Jim hasn’t married her. She is very immature for doing that. If Emily didn’t beat her down because she a reason to then no one should have gotten up in that room to do anything! That is just plain ignorant!

  15. Tanjia says:

    Well..Well..The show surely started OFF with clanks and bangs.. Although I like Chrissy I have to say girl was COMPLETELY OUT OF ORDER…SIMPLY…. There is a way to handle All situations and fighting is not the ANSWER.. WE ARE ADULTS WITH ADULT SITUATIONS THAT SHOULD BE HANDLED IN ADULT FASHION…That was Emily’s deal and Emily should have spoken up..I think things get taken out of text when others step in. It is OK if your opinion is asked for..KEEP IT CLASSEY LADES ! # I’mjustsaying

  16. april says:

    idc wat ne 1 have to say kim had it comein 4 her n chrissy is a gud friend kim is trashy n wack


  18. LO says:

    chrissy is just lucky that kimbella is not the whoopen ass type cuz if chrissy would have lost that fight she would look more silly than she already does. again, i like chrissy but she was dead ass wrong. she did all that “for emily” but in all actuality emily would have been cool if chrissy didnt blow it up and pop off.

  19. spirited says:

    I think Kimbella went there with sneaky intentions. She knew she had a fling with fab also new who he was with at that time. You cant tell me she didnt know nothing about emily or y would she say that its crazy ur son and mines has the same hair? Then she went 2 emily’s house and dropped that bomb like it wasnt nothing. She claim she wanted 2 tell her like a woman, when she should have been said something about it. This kind of stuff makes breaks a woman down while the man and the other woman on top. Women need to own up to they stuff whether its good or bad and men need 2 stop playing 2 sides of the fence. Now chissy could have handled it in a different manner(off camera, smile) but u dont .go 2 the other womans house and drop a bomb like that. Im not mad at chrissy 4 handling her friends business, but she have 2 think whats all involved and where shes at. I hope that chrissy dont get into any trouble behind that because I like chrissy, but she has 2 remember shes a strong black woman and shouldnt let nobody take her out of character no matter how sneaky and grimey they are………………………….just sayin

  20. teetee says:

    This season is going to be a mess!!! Moma Jones need to stop it for real she making Jim look real bad. Chrissy is the truth shes very loyal to her friends Kim had no business comming out with that at a time like that she dnt even no them shes a trouble maker and shes mentally unstable…. trying to make a name for herself Olivia needs to let it BURN…… Jim need to do whats right…..and this manger girl is just tacky i cant see her managing anyone worth it!!! intresting show ready for next Monday to come cant wait!!!!

  21. KImmy says:


  22. cpatton89 says:

    Anybody who is on chrissy’s side is completely ignorant. Apparently Chrissy is a “hood” chick and seems to be tough, but you take sucker punches and pull sneak attacks……pathetic. She is insecure, childish, belligerant, and rude, and she should be put in her place, and I have a feeling that if they squared up face to face Kim wouldve given her a run for her money. How are you going to sucker punch somebody but miss with the rest of the punches and you get your weave pulled out. No Kimbella should not have told her at that very moment, but she made the right decision of telling her in front of everybody else instead of looking like a coward and pulling Emily to the side. On top of that, Chrissy needs therapy, she’s acting like Kim screwed her man. Calm down, Chrissy, its not about you. And stop trying to act hard because that sucker punch you took shows how cowardly YOU are. Goes to show that you cant win a fight unless you pull sneak attacks. tisk tisk, I’ll pray for you honey.

  23. trussme says:

    Normally, I don’t like the violence in these reality shows, BUT….Chrissy should have drew blood from Kimbella’s big azz mouth!!!! Chrissy had every right to defend her girl Emily; she’s part of her “unit/clique”, and sometimes we have to stand up for family when we know how vulnerable family can be. Kimbella meant all the harm that came forth to Emily when she put her business out like that (you could tell by the smirks she had on her face while Emily was speaking). And she got the azz whooping she deserved!! There could have been a time and a place for her to air her dirty laundry, but it sure in the hell wasn’t at her celebration, nor in front of all her friends!!! Who does that :O/?!

  24. Danni says:

    I have to disagree. I dont think that Kimbella was so wrong. Maybe timing wasnt all that great, but she did seem sincere, and like she said, she wanted to say it in front of all the girls, so that it would be out there once and for all. Maybe she thought that was the perfect forum. I think Crissy handled that all wrong. Emily was upset to hear it, but she seemed to appreciate that Kimbella told her and they were about to move on past it. Crissy is so bitter! She had no right to hit that girl!!! Kimbella should sue her!

  25. Danni says:

    And I agree that Crissy is very insecure!!!

  26. Nita781 says:

    Chrissy was a fav of mine of Season 1. But after this seaon’s premiere she proves that she is actually class-less and dumb. Jim is in the DIAMOND DISTRICT and does not buy her an engagement RING! She keeps making excuses for this silly man not comitting to her! She is sad! After all that talk about Emily being dumb in her relationship with Fab, she just as dumb if not more! She put herself out there and has received NOTHING but disrespect in return! Jim’s mom needs medication and rehab! And Chrissy should not feel good about SUCKA punching Kimbella! She acted as if she was leaving then snuffed her! Grow up Chrissy and PUNCH Jim for making you look like a damn fool on national television DUMMY!

  27. friend says:

    Why the heck is she replacing a ring that he evidently didnt care nothing about, especially when she doesnt have her own engagement ring? I bet he didnt loose none of those dipset chains or other bling. Kimbella may be a space cadet, but Chrissy is just plain desparate and stupid….and sorry to say “yes” they are the same Emily. Trust me, I have seen it with my own eyes. Although I personally know Jimmy cares a lot about Chrissy and loves her to death, she needs to move on. Olivia, I just lost all respect for you…once I seen you on the show. Didnt realize you were so young minded.

  28. Dee says:

    I must say Chrissy is my fave and I don’t dislike any of the other females. With the two new additions I was prepared for giving them a fair chance until…As a woman when Kim told Yandy about Fabulous she should have not invited her to Emily’s celebration knowing what she knew then. If your not for the drama and you handle things like a grown woman with class Yandy should have told Kim that she should speak to Emily one on one on a seperate occasion and tell her. Why would Kim tell Emily that crap at her celebration…hmmm and yes Kim did have smirks on her face so I don’t know how sincere that would have been perceived as. Kim deserved what she got, it just would have been nice if it was from Emily instead of Chrissy! Now Kim said she dated fab 3 years ago….how old is her son, was she shopping for a rapper?

  29. Latina805 says:

    Whether Kimbella was right or wrong, Chrissy had no right to attack her. Emily is a grown adult female with two children and is capable of handling her own business. She obviously didn’t feel the situation was worth fighting over. Chrissy just used the situation as an exuse to pop off on Kimbella. Chrissy hated on Kimbella the second she saw her at the jewelery line showing. Chrissy criticized Kimbella for wearing jean shorts over and over again (behind her back), yet Chrissy was wearing jean shorts herself. I guess she was mad and jealous at the fact that Kimbella looked better in them than her. Really, Chrissy has issues and should seek professional help. Chrissy is angry and bitter because of her relationship so she takes it out on other people. She is so unhappy that she feels the need to put others down to make herself feel better. She did it to Somaya last season and now to Kimbella.

  30. Latina805 says:

    There is no “right” time to tell someone that their man cheated on them with you. Kimbella did the right thing because allowing her friendship with Emily to go further without telling her would have been wrong. Chrissy called Kimbella heartless, but it actually took a lot of heart to admit something like that. Chrissy called Kimbella tacky and tasteless, but I think it was tacky and tastless to push her man’s manager Yandy down who was clearly trying to prevent the fight from happening. It was tacky and tasteless to involve herself into a situation that had nothing to do with her. Instead of focusing her energy on other people’s problems, she should focus on her own. They have been together for 7 years, she proposed to him, and he still won’t commit. The fact that he lost his ring says a lot on it’s own. Maybe if she changed her evil ways, Jim would see her as more than just a house mouse.

  31. TaT says:

    denkellsma So just because she’s an older lady she needs to stop pursuing her dreams? Your statement about her is just pure ignorance. Alot of singers have raspy voices, in some cases when they’re making a song they are asked to scream until they get kind of hoarse for a certain sound. I think she did alright, and for her age she’s got beautiful legs. Keep it up Mama Jones!!

  32. juanicole617 says:

    Chrissy truly has some underlying issues. Anyone can see that looking in from the outside. People who think that was okay for Chrissy to sucker punch Kimbella are most likely just as classless as she is and must love to get into a fist fight whenever the opportunity comes up. She was wrong. She is an adult woman and could have handled it better. Most likely what happened is one of the producers probably told her she needs to get into a fight this season to get better ratings.

  33. SHAWN says: