Love And Hip Hop Premiere And Basketball Wives L.A. Finale Receive Almost 4 Million Viewers


We would just like to thank Jackie, Draya, Chrissy, Kimbella and the rest of the ladies from Basketball Wives L.A. and Love And Hip Hop for delivering one of the biggest nights that VH1 has had in quite a long time. The ratings are in, and fans turned out in droves to watch the season finale of Basketball Wives L.A. and the season two premiere of Love And Hip Hop, to the tune of nearly four million viewers. Of course, we’d also like to thank you, the fans, for watching. Check out the press release for all the impressive numbers and tune in every Monday to continue this trend.


Nearly 4 Million Viewers Tune In For VH1′s Premiere And Encore Episode of “Love & Hip Hop” Season Two – Premiere Averages An Impressive 1.8 Rating In The 18-49 Demo
A Combined 3.8 Million Total Viewers Tune In For The Season Finale Of
VH1’s “Basketball Wives LA” – Finale Episode Scores A 1.5 In the Key18-49 Demo

NEW YORK, NY – November 15, 2011 – It’s another Monday night ratings slam dunk for VH1 from last night’s record-breaking stellar performances from the season finale of “Basketball Wives LA” and the premiere of the second season of “Love & Hip Hop.” VH1 finished Monday night as the #1 non-sports cable network in primetime for viewers 18-49.
Monday night’s 8:00PM season finale of “Basketball Wives LA” scored a 1.5 in the key P18-49 demo making it the highest rated episode in the series history. The episode attracted 3.8 million total viewers when combined with its 10PM encore episode. The second season premiere of “Love And Hip Hop” scored a 1.8 in the key P18-49 demo making it the highest rated premiere in franchise history and attracting nearly 4 million total viewers when combined with its 11PM encore episode.

Both “Basketball Wives LA” and “Love And Hip Hop” dominated last night’s social media chatter scoring 12 separate trending topics throughout the evening, including #LoveAndHipHop and #BasketballWives. Furthermore, Basketball Wives LA has landed trending topics during each week of its 12 week run.

“Basketball Wives LA” has brought the laughs, tears and drama and one thing is obvious about the ladies of “Basketball Wives LA,” they know how to play hardball. Whether it’s defending their reputation, keeping their men happy or dashing off to Hawaii for a girl’s weekend, these ladies always bring their A-game. In the two-part reunion airing Monday, November 21 and Monday, November 28 at 8 PM the ladies will come together once again to hash out any unfinished business and set the record straight. From Jackie’s relationship with the other women to Gloria’s relationship with Matt, nothing is off limits.

VH1′s hit docu-soap series “Love And Hip Hop” has returned for its second season, picking up where the first season left off,following the lives of six vibrant women, each with a link to the exciting, glamorous and high-stress world of hip hop. Chrissy Lampkin, Olivia Longott, Emily Bustamante and Somaya “Boss” Reece are back this season. Two new faces joining the group are Kimberly “Kimbella” Vanderhee and Yandy Smith. Season two will follow these six women as they navigate their professional and love lives in a world where opportunity, fame, excitement and money is always in sight … but sometimes just out of reach.

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  1. Jacqueline Battle says:

    The reunion did not evencome on and Basketball Wives LA is not that good of a reality show. Its bascially about young girls who are finding themselves and old chicks who need to find themselves. Now Love and Hip Hop is good.

  2. monica says:

    bbwla is the best show on tv! Jackie Christe is the truth love her she has it all brains beauty and tlent going to be a force in hollywood she do need to leave the nf girls alone on the show though cause they are weak not on her level she is the only one i watch show for love & hiphop is good too but not like bbwla is dont like mani on the show she is boringggg malalia too and fake and i like gloria a little draya is ok bt she is fony and laura a bully but good to watch somtimes.

  3. Toni says:

    @Monica: Girl, you need to learn how to spell and/or write good grammar, it was hard trying to understand your writing/comments when it doesn’t make sense, but after awhile I got it and wow, you actually think this Jackie chick is the one to look for and you know she has the brains and talents, wow, may I say that again, Wow!! Maybe you are young and don’t know better, or maybe you saw a different show either way Jackie Christie is an older woman that has some issues and it’s not good. If you were seeing the same show you will know that Jackie has a habit of talking over someone when they are speaking, now I don’t know how it is with you young folks thinking it’s ok to talk over someone else and not listen to them when saying something inportant, only teenagers with nothing to do and has insecurities problems will be the ones that usually talk over someone so they don’t have to listen on what they really have to do in life, I called them, Selfish people, those are the ones that don’t want to pay attention to you when you have something to say about them and they feel that they are right and don’t have to listen to anyone, I call them Selfish ignorgant basterds. Come on, Everyone else on the show knows how to speak with one another, yeah at the beginning Laura came on strong on Malaysia, I didn’t like it at all, but then I kept looking at the show even with its rerun and I realized that Laura is very angry, her life has been going through alot and it does take alot on a person and she has so much anger in her that anything will just bother her, and she don’t mean to mean but she is angry, she just want to blow unfortunately she took it out on Malaysia, but what I like about Laura is that she went to apologize to Malaysia and explain what was going on in her life and how sometimes she deals it the wrong way because of her anger, but she is trying to change and seeing a therapist and my goodness, I applaud her I know what it is to be angry because how our life turn out when that is not what we wanted or hoped for, I’m going through that now. So, the point is that it’s best to talk it out, then to bash one another in the face by cursing at them, or by not listening to them always yelling, that is not the right way to do it. Jackie, she wanted to be in control of everything, from her family daughter husband and friends, and we see now how it is with her friends, they don’t want anything to do with her, they try to confront her the best way possible and it would have worked fine if Jackie would just sit her azz down and just listen to all the women on what they have to say and mind you they have all the truth on the piece of paper and all were there to see and agree on what was really said about them and what was said by Jackie, again it would have worked if Jackie would have just shut the hell up and listen to all of them and not be defensive because that is a sign of a person knowing what they did wrong and now want to cover it up by talking a lot and over the person and very loudly, which again it is the wrong way and that is why Jackie would never have real true friends because she is not a real true friend to anyone, she only thinks of herself and everyone knows that especially when they see how Jackie treats her husband, they see how jealous Jackie can be with the women who does the work of being models and since Jackie can’t be a grown woman knowing her worth, she becomes a greeneyed monster who’s jealous of the young pretty women and got the nerve to call them “Hoochies”, as she tells her husband, everyone can see how malicious Jackie can be when she doesn’t get her way, and that is a sad thing. She is grown, I don’t know her age but she looks like she is 55, it doesn’t matter she should know better than to act like a teenager who don’t know how to speak to an adult, it’s pathetic. But, Jackie like to be in control and with that her friendship with the other women are now severed and it’s all because Jackie wants to have it her way and she lies about everything, there is no truth to any of the story and that is a sad thing. Hopefully, Monica, you will see the show again with an open mind, not because of you having a favorite, watch it as it was all new and you don’t know anyone and see how would you like it if you were in that position like the rest of the ladies, simple questions and it makes you think about it, at least have an open mind about it and you will see that it wasn’t the right way when Jackie was the bully and yelling at everyone making sure they don’t talk and give their opinions, Jackie only wants her to be the one that controls every situations and you can’t be like that, life is much more than that, so I hope I gave a little guidance or knowledge on this so it can help you. Look I’m no angel, but I have been there and done that, yeah I know I sound as if I’m old, ok not so old, I’m 47, one daughter she’s 30 and two grandsons a 10 yrs old & 2yrs old, and yeah I’m still alive after babysitting, whew! Just a little bio of me, so I know the stuff the ladie are going through and what they are going through now and I can see how it affects them and others. So, when I say about this on how it’s not good to do that or this it’s because I know the outcome, I’ve seen it and it’s not to make people do it, I say this just so anyone who reads this can learn not to do those things, and to realize why it’s wrong and see the consequences when it’s done maliciously, so again just helping out and also putting in my two cents, opinions and some knowledge. I’m all for Women Power, Women Rule and we should stick together not be jealous of eachother, not be mean to eachother because the other is pretty than the other, We are all beautiful Women, We are strong women, and therefore we are women that should be together in harmony and help one another as it should be.

    Peace to all.