Celebrity Rehab Revisited – Season One – Progress, Not Perfection


The stories of the patients of Celebrity Rehab are often about heartbreak, troubled pasts, and redemption, and this week, we’re (finally) taking a look at a few of the stars from the very first season of the series, whose stories combine all three. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Bob Forrest reconnected with four of the original celebrities to give us the first episode in a four-part series called Celebrity Rehab Revisited, and while their behavior in the past hasn’t always been stellar, they’ve all managed to prove to themselves and to us that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.

Bob’s first visit was with musician Seth Binzer, who has been a part of the Celebrity Rehab/Sober House family for several seasons. Dr. Drew even explained at one point “I’ve never given up on a patient but I sure came close with Seth,” because Seth’s pattern of addiction and relapse was so severe. “In my head, I’ve already said my goodbyes,” Dr. Drew told Seth himself after one of his relapses. The staff at the recovery center was used to dealing with Seth after drug binges and disappearances and, lest you forget, Bai Ling was not the only celeb to climb on the roof of the center, Seth pioneered that technique first. When Bob caught up with Seth, he was seventy six days sober, and he had a new girlfriend and baby, and he was a devoted dad to his son, Halo. Bob’s biggest concern visiting Seth was that Seth is “the king of bulls—” and his charming ways meant he could fool everyone around him. After they spent time together though, Bob credited Seth, telling him “Nobody could have learned more [than you].” Bob tells us “I don’t think he’s ever been doing this well, this centered.”

Mary Carey‘s arrival to Celebrity Rehab is legendary, as evidenced by her stash of sex toys and the fact that she was bombed out of her mind. But then again, she appears to have made one of the more legendary recoveries as well, if you don’t count the nips of Champagne she occasionally sneaks. Carey (or as we should say, Mary Ellen) is married to a man named Mario and says her life has completely changed as a result of getting clean and sober “I went into rehab Mary Carey,” she says “and I came out Mary Ellen.” “The only thing that can screw this up is Mary herself,” Bob says. He’s concerned with Mary’s occasional drinking which, she admits, makes her mean, but he’s happy with what he sees so far. “It’s progress, not perfection, and Mary is progressing,” he says.

Jessica Sierra, like Seth Binzer, has been in and out of Dr. Drew’s care since leaving Celebrity Rehab behind. After leaving the recovery center, she begrudgingly went into sober living, continued to get in trouble with the law, and finally came under Dr. Drew’s care for a full year. After her release four years ago, she has since had two children with her boyfriend, and she’s been working on a music career. Unfortunately, her performance anxiety has led her to use Klonopin on occasion, and Bob worries that her children are just a temporary excuse for her current sobriety. “Having a baby puts a pause on your alcoholism,” he says, but worries that once they go to school, she might not stay on the straight and narrow.

Jaimee Foxworth had one of the more dramatic visits from Bob when he challenged her to take a drug test because of her history of lying about smoking pot. “I’m not just going to take her word for it that she’s sober,” he said. Jaimee admits that she smoked once since her son, Michael, was born, but Bob worries it’s more than just once, so he asks her to take a drug test that will gauge whether or not she’s taken any drugs for the past 90 days. “I want people to believe what I have to say without taking a test,” she says, but agrees to do it anyway. Through the magic of dramatic pauses and editing, it seems like finally we have a patient who’s been using again, but alas, Jaimee’s tests come back completely clean. “I’m so excited for Jaimee and I’m excited for Michael in particular, I’m excited for him to have a sober mom,” Bob says.

And of course, there’s no way we could talk about the alumnae from season one without talking about Jeff Conaway who passed away this May. Jaimee might have put it best when she said “To me, it was like we lost a legend because he had so many stories that people probably hadn’t even heard of because people were so fixated on him being a drug addict at the time of his passing. It was really sad.”

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