Poll: Who Looked Best At The Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion?


The cast of Basketball Wives L.A. really stepped up their fashion game at the reunion, and we think that each one of them showed off their style in their own unique way. From Malaysia in her purple bow-tied Gucci to Imani‘s hot pink and black number, to Laura‘s glamorous old-Hollywood styling, we were smitten with everyone’s ensemble. While we were on the set, we snapped some shots of the ladies’ looks (and of course we got close-ups of the shoes) — take a look at our style gallery and let us know what you think, who was rocking the best style at the reunion?

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  1. Michael Harris says:

    Who is Gloria & why is she on the show I thought the show was Basketball Wive’s not Basketball groupies.

  2. Renee Collier says:

    Draya is a class act, she truly held her own on Part I of the reunion. I don’t understand why Jackie becomes so beligerent when people don’t agree with her. People have a right to their opinions. It is unfortunate that she doesn’t want to take a good look at herself. It is possible that she is afraid of what she will find. I love Draya. She is someone who would enjoy having as a friend. Imani is also one of my favorites, she does not allow anything or anyone to affect adversely.

  3. Sandra Luna says:

    I think ur honest when it comes to the problem whit ur kid, but if it is true I wld hope that it was just a mistake, all the girls r nice but who do they think they r by judging ppl like that nobody is perfect look at Laura thre acussing her of sleeping whit Saquil Oniel wile he was married.Everyone has made mistakes in their lifes and im sure every one of the girls have a lil secret so they shouldent be judgging ppl.

  4. dee says:

    Laura looks more & more like a man everytime I see her. Draya was hands down the best dressed, Gloria was a close second.. I like Malaysia but the hair was too much.. Jackie’s ass was and look cray as usual & that dress looked horrible on her with all that skin hanging over it from her armpits & had the nerve to have it short.

  5. brenda pinon says:

    draya you very cute.. at the end you the only one with a good mind.. keep you head up.. and always remeber no one is perfrect.. we are olny human.. ad jackie is crazy. and looney

  6. Irene_Pacheco says:

    Gloria’s dress was a one of a kind, designed by 18 year old inspiring designer Mariesa Irene http://www.mariesairene.com

  7. Sher says:

    Jackie is a stone nut. At her age she should be more suddle and humble. She uses profanity to much and get overly too excited. I do believe she must take medicine. She really can’t get upset if the ladies is saying she is crazy. She need to take step outside herself and realize how ignorant and crazy she looks. How in the world does her husband deal with her? He seems so laid back. This must be embarrasing for him. I must say Jackie definitely brings the drama to the show. I think Draya is cute but young. I love the way Laura talks. Gloria I don’t have a taste for.