What Ha-Happen? The Best Quotes From The Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion Part I


We covered a lot of ground at the Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion tonight, and while we gained some new perspective on a couple of issues that sprang up this season, we also beat a few other issues into the ground. So rather than just rehashing every last topic over and over, allow us to bring you only the very best quotes and photos from the night, from Malaysia‘s name to Jackie and Gloria‘s final blowup onstage.

“My name is Loquisha and I don’t really care what anybody else have to say about it.” Malaysia defends her name and disputes that she’s a hoodrat.

“Oooh, give me my turn. Let me just be quiet, I’m not gonna make it about me. Let me get my turn.” Jackie, waiting for her chance to tell her side of the Laura-Imani story.

“I didn’t throw your s— in the cul-de-sac, I called a U-Haul, that’s the right thing to do.” Imani on moving Laura’s belongings out.

“At the time, I did get a little bit angry and I started playing games, I won’t jump ahead but I started tripping with Laura but at the same time I still loved them all. That’s how it went. Do you guys understand what I just said?” Jackie, who received a giant “NO” from the audience.

“I don’t need to get Verizon on the phone!” Jackie, on the “who called who and who said what” situation that begat all the gossip.

Host John Salley reacts after hearing Jackie say “I’m not here to hurt nobody, I’m not here to jump in nobody’s face, but I will whoop somebody’s ass if they get out of line.”

“I don’t know what the hell is goin’ on…If I look like I gotta fart, it’s ’cause I’m confused.” Laura, after Jackie’s lengthy explanation of phone call timing and who said what first.

“At the end of the day, if I wanted to have a dude to lay next to, I could. D—k ain’t never been hard to get…I want a family and a relationship.”
Imani on her dating life.

“Occasionally.” Gloria Govan, when asked if she and ex Matt Barnes still get it on. “I’m not just gonna go out and be like ‘Yeah, I need some d—k.'”

“I’m good at hosting things, red carpet…your job next.” Draya joked to John Salley.

“Who do you think you are to Google me and do that? I don’t need to tell you everything! You are not my mom, you ain’t God, you don’t sign my checks, you ain’t f—ing me, what do I need to tell you that for?” Draya to Jackie, on the topic of everyone doing a background check on her.

“If I can address the crowd: back up. Stand down. Stand down.” Jackie, after the murmurs of the audience started getting to her.

“I feel hurt, because you are like my sister, Laura, and Draya I have gotten to know as well, and this is something for you all to talk about and not let us instigate. So relax. Fall the f— back!” Jackie to…who knows? This led to screaming match with Gloria, but at this point, I’m not sure who she was yelling at.

“Stop your talking, it does not make sense!” Gloria to Jackie.

“Shut the f— up. Done, bitch, done! Shut the f— up. Zip that mother-f—ing lip, shut up! I ain’t hearing nothin’.” Jackie to Gloria.

And with that tornado of expletives, we end the first hour of the reunion. Stay tuned next Monday at 8 p.m. ET/PT for part two of the reunion where the women trade even more choice words and the first season officially comes to a close.

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