Jackie Christie, The Marrying Kind: Love Is…


Basketball Wives L.A. star Jackie Christie has graciously offered to write a column for the VH1 blog with the advice and wisdom she’s picked up after years of marriage to retired NBA star Doug Christie. The Christies’ relationship has been inspirational for many of their peers, and they’ve never compromised it, they put family and each other ahead of everything else. The pair wrote a book, No Ordinary Love, together and we’re glad that Jackie has chosen to share even more of her words of wisdom as a true basketball wife with us each week. This week: What is love?

What is “LOVE”


BEAUTIFUL... The feeling of love is unexplainable yet wonderful, it’s that funny feeling you get in your stomach at the sound of your mate’s voice, it’s the knowing feeling that this person is special to you. And you want only the best for them. It’s the beautiful way you see, hear, and interact with your partner, or the beautiful way you care for your child, the beautiful way you care for others. Love is all things beautiful.

RESPECTFUL… Love is the respect you show others and the way you patiently listen when your mate wants to talk, it’s the fact the two of you will do the special little things for each other that make each other happy. When you love someone and you care about their feelings, you respect them.

FORGIVING… Love is forgiving even your worst enemy, to hold a grudge, that’s not love. It’s when your heart accepts others for who they are and loves them anyway. Love is being able to say “I forgive you” to your mate when they make a mistake and really mean it in your heart…that’s love.

HONEST… Love is being brutally honest with yourself and others, it’s not pretentious, fake, or untrue. Love is truthful at all costs, and love is honestly admitting when you may have made a bad choice and are willing to admit it and correct it.

LOYAL… Love is loyalty to yourself and others, being loyal to your marriage or relationship 100%.

INTIMATE… Love is warm, sexy and intimate when towards your mate. It’s the late night caresses, the eye contact, the private conversations, secrets, and jokes, it’s the bubble baths, candles and shared romance novels. Love is the most intimate thing between a couple.

REAL... Love is real, it’s raw, and it’s uncontrollable. It comes naturally and we feel it. It’s the essence of who we are. We all know it and have experienced it and we all want it. Love…. a real emotion.

SWEET… Love is like candy, or a tasty desert. It makes us happy, it fills us up, and it’s like a sweet flower in the springtime in a field. It’s the sweet smell of lavender and honeysuckle. It’s the best flavor of life, sweet love.

EVERLASTING… Love never dies. Love lives on even after death. Love is not a switch we turn on and off. Love is everlasting!

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