Celebrity Rehab Revisited Season Two: Facing The Fear


The stories of the patients of Celebrity Rehab are often about heartbreak, troubled pasts, and redemption, and this week, we’re taking a look at a few of the stars from the second season of the series, whose stories combine all three. Dr. Drew Pinsky and Bob Forrest reconnected with four of the celebrities who appeared on the sophomore season for the second in a four-part series called Celebrity Rehab Revisited. This week’s episode features Rodney King, Amber Smith, Nikki McKibbin, and Andy Dick, who have all had bumps in the road after leaving the recovery center.

Rodney King was unwillingly forced into the spotlight after he endured a brutal beating from the LAPD that was caught on tape in 1991. He and his family have struggled for decades with alcohol abuse, but by the time he left the Pasadena Recovery Center four years ago, he was sober. When Bob Forrest met with him recently, Rodney revealed that he still drank, and had been arrested for a DUI as recently as July, 2011, and he still smokes pot occasionally. “The fact is, your drinking is going to kill you. It killed your dad, it’s going to kill you,” Bob told Rodney, who admitted that when he drinks beer, he bleeds when he goes to the bathroom. Bob urged Rodney to see a doctor, and later he got Rodney to agree to do an outpatient program and work on his drinking so that by January, 2012 he can call himself sober.

When Amber Smith came to the rehab facility for season two, she also has a parent with a history of substance abuse, which led her to abuse opiates herself. Amber and her mother both ended up enrolling in treatment to help their dependency. Now, Amber surrounds herself with sober friends and supporters, she has a sponsor, and she considers herself completely clean, however…(there’s always a however)…she takes a drug called Suboxone to keep suicidal thoughts at bay. “I function and people can kiss my ass if they say this is not sober.” Bob’s concerned that Amber is confusing suicidal thoughts with typical withdrawal and the symptoms of anxiety and caring for her mother. He recommends therapy for her, but otherwise is impressed with the clarity and self-confidence she displays. Amber’s mom has also maintained her sobriety since leaving treatment, and Bob meets with her tells her “For two wrecked drug addicts, you came out on top.”

Andy Dick’s stint at Celebrity Rehab was hardly his first attempt at getting clean. He had been to rehab ten times, and after completing his treatment with Dr. Drew, he entered Sober House to work on his after-care.

“I’m truly surprised I’m not dead,” Andy says after explaining that he’s partied enough for five lifetimes. He’s definitely had one of the more public battles with alcoholism, with every drunk move that he’s made reported by TMZ or caught on camera. Nowadays, he feels like he’s on an upswing. “Andy’s sober, but he’s been sober a million times before,” Bob assesses, “And one of the things that always triggers him that he always talks about is clubs.” So of course Bob meets up with Andy outside a club on the Sunset Strip. Andy’s issue is that he marries his comedy to alcohol, and equates one with the other. Kind of a tough situation for a comic. “Facing your fear, that’s what sobriety is about,” Bob says. “Sooner or later, he’s gonna beat it, or it’s gonna beat him.”

Nikki McKibbin is the final patient that Bob met up with, and after surprising her at a performance in Texas, he realized that she was not exactly sober, despite claiming she’s been clean for three years. The American Idol star is still not over the death of her mother from a drug overdose, and Bob worries that Nikki is numbing her own pain with drugs. Dr. Drew and Bob confirmed that she has indeed been taking prescription pills, and Bob goes back to visit her for a second time to confront her and she reveals that she’s being weaned off of some twelve different psychiatric drugs and takes pills for performance anxiety. Nikki is still using prescriptions to cope, but Bob and Dr. Drew felt confident that she would be able to wean herself off them in due time.

Next week, we reunite with the stars of season three to catch up with Heidi Fleiss, Joey Kovar, Kari Ann Peniche and Tom Sizemore.

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