Why Am I Still Single?! Takes On Rocker James And Rotisserie Chicken-Loving Alexis


This week on Why Am I Still Single?! Siggy Flicker tried to find love for James, a metal head rocker with a mullet and a heart of gold (seriously, I love this guy. And he takes care of his Nana!), and Alexis, a serious lady who carries a lot of past-relationship baggage. In fact, she carries an entire bag of resentment over a rotisserie chicken she never got to eat. Alexis is looking for someone who will treat her with kindness and respect and yes, buy her a chicken for dinner if she asks for it, and James needs a girl with a passion for music and creativity who he can lavish with compliments and his great (but timid) personality. We’re curious what you think about these two…would you rather date someone like Alexis who’s put-together and attractive, but she’s hung up on her past, or James, who is as sweet as pie, but needs some lessons in manners and dressing well?

For a few more shots of our troubled daters, check out our gallery below. (Including a shot of James’ incredible makeover!)

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