Jackie Christie Vs. The Women Of Basketball Wives L.A.: The Definitive Supercut Of Crazy Talk, Back Talk, And Double Talk


We owe our genius video editors a beer (or ten) for putting together this amazing, hilarious compilation of moments from the first season of Basketball Wives L.A.. All the insults, conspiracies, and confrontations between Jackie Christie and the rest of the cast are here, from “Kooky don’t have no answer” to “You must be out of your godd—m mind” to the “lyin’, manipulatin’ lil’ sneaky mother f—er,” this clip has all the best moments of tension between the women. Why must this season end? It’s so goooood. Tune in to part two of the reunion show tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT for the final showdown between all of these ladies.

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