Love And Hip Hop – Episode 3 – A Toast To Kimbella



Another week, another the same fight.

“I see it and I don’t like it, so I’m gonna check it!” Chrissy tells Yandy during the continuation of their heated argument that began last week. Chrissy is still upset at the fact that Yandy jokes about managing other people, like Somaya and Mama Jones, who Chrissy views and being untalented, and she especially hates that Yandy was referring to her clients as “checks to be gotten.” If there’s one thing Chrissy’s man isn’t, it’s someone else’s check. Chrissy threatens to take Yandy’s paycheck away from her if she keeps this up and Yandy gets defensive, saying “You’re not gonna play with my money, it’s not gonna happen.” Chrissy’s heard enough out of Yandy and peaces out on her (or, to put it more accurately, she deuces out on the b—h.)

“I think Somaya’s performance was so bad it jumped into Chrissy’s body and got mad at Yandy,” Olivia says of the beef, and this is not the last time we’re going to get Olivia’s take on Somaya’s performance tonight…there’s more of that to come, just you wait.

Later, Somaya has a meeting with Bruce the Investor and Swift from Midi Mafia, who tell her that they were “overly impressed” and “blown away” by her showcase. Bruce works it out so that Midi Mafia will act as Somaya’s producer, which is good news. (But ultimately in the grand scheme of this show, will Somaya ever win Chrissy and Olivia’s approval? THAT is the question.) Somaya has a one on one meeting with Swift later which is equal parts business and pleasure. They discuss Somaya’s sex appeal for a while and then arrange to go on a date before he leaves town the next day, so, actually, it’s mostly pleasure. When they DO go on a date, Somaya gets right into it and tells Swift that she has been abused by her father and was jumped by her ex-boyfriend who sliced her head open, and while most dating shows would say this is too much, too soon, Swift holds her hand through it all.


After Somaya met with her producer in the studio, she learned that Olivia was in the studio next door, so she decides to go thank her for attending her showcase.

Olivia tells Somaya she was forced to go, but also, you’re welcome. Try as Somaya might, Olivia is a hard woman to crack. Somaya extends yet another olive branch by bringing Olivia a pair of shoes that she designed with Olivia’s face on the bottoms,

and as sweet of a gesture as that is, and Olivia does thank her for them, she’s still not vibing Somaya. “This is what I mean about Somaya’s performance, or anything she does creatively, it’s never done properly. So I commend you for trying, but you’re not good at any of it,” Olivia says. Harsh, girl!

“It’s like she’s holding on to this imaginary grudge,” Somaya says. “Get over it!”

This week, Emily is all about self-discovery and empowerment – she’s like Stella getting her groove back, as her friend Teairra Mari says, without relying on a man to actually retrieve said groove.

“Everyone who knows me wants me to date. I get it. I get it. Okay? I get it.” Emily says. She would rather focus on her house instead, a place in which we see her drink a glass of champagne and stare in the dark at that family portrait that Fab was too cool to be in last season.

It’s a neverending sequence that’s kind of nice, but also kind of super awkward. “I’m ready to wake up tomorrow in my new house, in my new life,” she says, after caressing her champagne.

Emily’s working on more than just her house and her possible dating life, she also has a professional meeting with the director of a fashion house who is willing to work with her on her dream of becoming a designer. The problem is that Emily, who has dreamed of this since she was thirteen, has dodged his calls and not taken him seriously. This guy is no nonsense and he tells her she’s going to have to come up with better excuses than “I had some personal stuff come up.” But her personal stuff involved dumping a rapper! Come on! That has to count for something!

Somaya, Teairra Mari and Emily head out to a party that Teairra was invited to – oh you know, just a regular old party, no weird coincidences gonna pop up here. Oh hey, it’s actually a party in honor of Kimbella for making the cover of Black Men’s Magazine!

Kimbella spent a good chunk of this episode taking the photos for her cover

(Perhaps you’d like to see all of them here?)

and tonight the cover is finally being unveiled.

Emily, rightly, freaks out and refuses to go, but Teairra reasons with her that they’re already there, they might as well head in.

“This is my party. Nobody ain’t ruining this,” Kimbella says when she spots Emily and company. “I had no idea it was your party I was coming to,” Emily tells Kimbella when Kim comes over to their table. “Well, thank you for coming, even if you don’t want to be here,” Kimbella sweetly tells her. Shades of Somaya thanking Olivia for coming to her showcase, right there. At least these women can be funny when they’re seething.

Emily gets her revenge on Kimbella though in, what else? A toast.

At the party when Kimbella sits down with them, instead of rehashing the drama yet again, Emily suggests that she make a toast in Kimbella’s honor and says “A toast to you, Kimbella, for making the cover, you are the most qualified. You’ve had the most black men in you, including mine.”

Kimbella isn’t amused, but surprisingly, Emily isn’t either (even though —burrrrn! That was pretty good.) “I didn’t feel good about it,” Emily explains, proving once again that she’s the nicest person on the planet. To avoid any further conflict, she walks away.

But of course, Chrissy’s been absent this whole episode and to make up for the conflict that Emily didn’t create, she’s going to pick up some slack. First, there’s the drama that Chrissy instigated between Jim and Yandy. Chrissy told Jim that Yandy’s been calling him “my money,” and Yandy decided she needed a weekend off from dealing with them, so she avoided all calls from Jim, and caused him to miss a show and lose out on $25,000.

When Yandy confronts Jim, the issue is not just about money but about Yandy’s perceived disrespect of Chrissy too. I knew that daughter-in-law handbook would come back to bite Yandy in the butt. “I’m not in shape to be the referee between you and Chrissy,” Jim tells Yandy when the yelling does down.

And finally, Chrissy and Yandy have their own showdown. It’s not violent for once, but there’s not a lot of yelling. After Chrissy lays out all the reasons why Yandy has disrespected her or otherwise caused drama for her (a. bringing Kimbella into the mix, b. giving her the daughter-in-law book c. dancing to Mama Jones’s song at the club d. messing with Jim’s business and calling him a “check,” e. not absorbing any of Chrissy’s prior warnings about all of the above), Chrissy walks out of the restaurant telling Yandy “God can’t get me to walk back here and talk to you!” She’s done trying to give Yandy passes for all of this behavior that she thinks is unacceptable.

Yandy shakes her head, takes a sip of her mojito, and addresses the situation for what it is.


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