The Best Quotes And Reactions From The Basketball Wives L.A. Reunion: Part II


Part two of the Basketball Wives L.A. reunion show was every bit as entertaining as part one, probably more so since the women really gave Jackie Christie a piece of their minds, and because it featured Doug Christie at his wife’s side defending their “crazy” relationship. Once again, we’ve pulled our favorite quotes of the night and compiled them along with some of the best screenshots and audience reactions from the show. The best parts of the night are below, but we had to post this image, one of Laura‘s many amazing facial expressions/eyebrow contortions of the night, to lead off the post.

“Our relationship is on and off and on and off, and right now it’s on to stay.” Laura Govan on her situation with Gilbert Arenas, who gave her a hefty piece of jewelry, to the tune of 23 carats and costing $1 million. The audience’s reaction to the cost:

“Communication and respect, that’s the cornerstone of what you need. You gotta be able to talk and communicate.” Doug Christie on how to make a sixteen year relationship work. Laura’s reaction to all that:

“I didn’t get a fancy envelope with a wax seal and butterflies didn’t fly out with glitter, nothing. I couldn’t even R.S.V.P.” Draya on the non-invite she got to Jackie’s wedding.

“I don’t make eye contact with Doug because of this. My chair is even at an angle, I swear I don’t even look Doug in his eye.” Draya on Jackie’s issues with other women being around Doug.

Above, Jackie reacts to John’s question “What do you think about people saying that y’all are crazy?”

“To be the oldest out of the group, the ‘most experienced,’ all these things that we thought, it just came to us like chaos. It was chaotic. When you mention chaos, you mention Jackie Christie, so at the time I was like damn, I guess it is true, she got all those necks for them two heads.” Laura on Jackie.

“What fuels Jackie is other people’s misery and problems, especially when they go to her to be the all-fixer-upper, but she’s the one that broke the s—.” Gloria on Jackie.

“Jackie, you’re being delusional, these chicks don’t like you!” John Salley, after Jackie continued to assert that she was going to be friends with everyone after the show.

“Do you have a doctor? Michael Jackson’s doctor. She got Michael Jackson’s doctor.” Draya on Jackie. Below, the audience thought that was genius.

“Jackie, up front, the first person about you is a good person. The person behind you needs to get help.” Malaysia to Jackie.

“Right now, I don’t like you but I’m still gonna hug you.” Malaysia, after Jackie broke down at the mention of her mom who passed away.

“It’s like trying to smack somebody with glasses on, it’s hard to do it.” Draya on dealing with Jackie when she gets emotional.

“The underdog rose to the top on this show.” Draya on herself.

Jackie: “Do I care about all the girls on this stage? Yes. Would I try to be friends with them? Yes. But would I trust them? Probably not for a while.”
John: “Jackie, are you going to be friends with these broads or not?”
Jackie: “Well, I mean, I guess, if they feel like no, it’s no. I feel like I’m a leader, John, and it’s hard for me, I’m dealing with followers.”
Draya: “Who’s a follower??”
Jackie: “Okay then f— no I’m not gonna be friends with these bitches, these hoes is crazy.”

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