Tough Talk: Steve Ward On The Return Of The Exes In Episode 9


Master Matchmaker Steve Ward is back for a third season of Tough Love, and this time he’s traveled south to Miami where the heat is definitely on. Steve will be giving us his thoughts on every episode, and today we spoke with him about the element of bringing all of the exes to the house for a surprise visit.

Was there any one ex on the show last night that caused the most trouble on the show? I would assume George, Michelle‘s ex, created the most drama but maybe I’m wrong.

It had to be Jane’s ex, Alan. ‘Cause everybody was wondering what the hell was going on between the two of them.

I assume this will play out on the “To Be Continued” episode but are they working on their relationship now?

You’ll find out.

What about Christine‘s behavior this week with all the lying?

Well, she never thought her husband would show up at bootcamp. So she pretty much felt that this was her opportunity to tell the story from her point of view. The problem was, she wasn’t necessarily hiding things, she just wasn’t being totally honest. All Christine said was I was in a loveless marriage, but what you’re going to find is that she cheated on him and that’s what brought the marriage to an end. He hired someone to follow her and took pictures of her kissing another guy in a parking lot. She cheated and that’s what she left out. Everything else she said was true, but you kind of left out a key moment. You’re the one who stepped out on the marriage. That’s why we left it a cliffhanger, it’s a whole other story.

How does she assume she’ll get away with not revealing that information on a show like this?

She really assumed he wouldn’t come.

How did he feel while he was there? Being ignored while he was there, watching her make out, he seemed like he didn’t want to be there and she was pretty awful to him.

He didn’t really want to be there. He didn’t come there to support her, he came to defend himself and get the hell out of there. He was there to get to the truth. I wanted him there and that’s why. I didn’t feel like she was being totally honest with me, so I wanted him there for me, to help her.

I liked that Leilani met with George’s ex. They seemed to get along well, too.

One thing people don’t realize I that both of these people had been married before, they’re both divorced. I personally think it should have been brought out a little bit more, but it hasn’t, but I wasn’t surprised by how they all got along. It only goes to show that they’re all used to dating other people around your exes. That’s typically what happens when you’re divorced.

My favorite character was George, Michelle’s ex. He was seriously Al Pacino.

The crew made him do an Al Pacino impression when he was there, just for their amusement. How hilarious is that?

What were you expecting from George?

Not very much. I really just wanted to get some insight as to what Michelle finds attractive because I wasn’t having any luck up to that point. And Sam was nothing like George and that’s kind of what I was calling Michelle out for, for having an identity crisis and not being true to herself.

Did she ever successfully stand up for Sam? Every time she talked to George it was like she laughed off what she was saying, she couldn’t do it forcibly.

She tried, but I don’t think you can tell George anything forcibly.

Were you surprised that her type of guy was a somewhat aggressive alpha male?

No, I wasn’t surprised at all, actually. I just think that she’s very confused and she doesn’t know what works and she’ll try anything she possibly could to find love.

Does Chasity‘s behavior toward her ex give you any hesitation about hooking her up with a nice guy like Al?

Of course. I’m very concerned about how much progress she’s making, she keeps regressing every chance she has to do something right, so I start coming down pretty tough on her and we’re getting to the end of bootcamp and I don’t think she’s made enough progress.

Is it immaturity or does she have no interest in actually changing?

She’s very comfortable with who she is and she’ll basically pretend to be what other people want her to be in order to get what she wants.

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