Olivia Defends Her Opinion Of Somaya In Her Recap Of Love And Hip Hop Episode 3


Olivia Longott is a busy woman, but we’re so lucky and thrilled that she’s going to be giving us some exclusive episode commentary every week during this season of Love And Hip Hop. Today, Olivia writes in to give us her take on Chrissy and Yandy‘s fight, and she defends her opinions of Somaya.

Tonight’s recap…hmm where to start…Let’s start with Chrissy and Yandy beefing. Very simple, get over it. For the love of money, for the love of bills, for the love of Bentleys and diamonds. And know I didn’t turn on Chrissy, I’ve kept it real from day one, and I’ve known them both for a while so you will see later, I say when she’s wrong and when she’s right, as I do Yandy.

As far as Emily and that big ole apartment, I’m proud of her. It’s not a bad thing to move on and start her life, and going to the party was sort of exorcising her demons. She got a few one liners in, and I think overall the night was therapeutic for her.

Now to me…I took a lot of heat last night because of my attitude toward Somaya. What people need to understand: I’ve made bad decisions in my career, but what I will say is that someone saw the talent in me. Say what you wanna, that I didn’t blow up, that I’m wack, or love me, but the fact is, I was signed to Clive Davis as the first act on J Records, and also traveled the world with 50.

But don’t get it twisted, I know I’m starting over, doing it alone, but I won’t ever say Somaya and I are on the same level, because I don’t think she has much talent. That’s not hate, I’m allowed to have my opinion. Her work ethic is insane and of course a TV show kinda evens playing field, but reality is, if Love And Hip Hop didn’t exist, this conversation wouldn’t ever come up, so I get that too. Not too mention the lies she’s told on my manager, but hey, that’s for another day…

As I promised on Twitter, I am announcing the release of a new song weekly, so today’s recap release is my joint “Walk Away,” which will be premiered on the show. “Walk Away” is available on iTunes now.

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